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Re: nubia is older than egypt
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Very good direction Sopdet. Ardy, Ayinde, and the rest, I have already mentioned Chancellor Williams who did field work throughout Africa (and was hassled in "Rhodesia in the 60's because his findings did not agree with the colonial my thology of Black savagery).

Some of the most important people in historical research are FIELD HISTORIANS WHO ACTUALLY VISIT, OBSERVE, EXPERIMENT AND LIVE AMONG THE PEOPLE THEY STUDY AND WRITE ABOUT. One of the most important today is Runoko Rashidi and his site is one of the most important and used by people all over the world to do objective, truthful research on Black World history..NOT ONLY AFRICAN HISTORY, BUT THE HISTORY OF BLACKS WORLDWIDE, FROM A PERIOD WHEN BLACKS WERE SPREAD WORLDWIDE AND WHERE SOME STILL EXIST TODAY. Rashidi

For example, if a researcher finds that many reservoirs were built in Nubia in ancient times, he will visit the site and do some research. If he hears that groups of People in India trace their origins to East Africa, he will visit these people and study not only their physical traits and culture, but the genetic simularities and the various connections they have had in the past. Runoko has visited Black communities throughout ASIA, from THE Middle East to Australia. IT IS INTERESTING TO HEAR HOW THESE BLACKS FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES AND OTHER BLACKS...WHICH IS REALLY WHAT MATTERS. IT IS THIER VERSION OF WHO THEY ARE.

Good contributions to all..OF COURSE GOOD DISCUSSION NEEDS TO HAVE QUESTIONS BUT GOOD ANSWERS AND THE TRUTH IS WHAT ENLIGHTENS ALL. For more facts on ancient BLACK TRADE AND COMMERCE AROUIND THE WORLD SEE, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money an WEALTH," pub. by also "A History of the African Olmecs,"

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nubia is older than egypt
Re: nubia is older than egypt
Re: nubia is older than egypt
Re: nubia is older than egypt
Re: nubia is older than egypt
Re: nubia is older than egypt

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