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More on White Perceptions:

All of us are probably now familiar with the program on our African mitochondrial ancestor.
Yet, everyone viewing that program saw it with his or her own particular bias. This is evident when you read the questions posed to Dr Oppenheimer on the discovery website. Someone questioned whether Africans should be considered Homo sapiens since the common gene is extant outside Africa.
While some posters on this forum question the African-ness of Aborigines of Australia and Negritos of South Asia, when the program clearly links them to the first migration out of Africa between eighty to seventy-five thousand years ago. I had my own problems with the program but I will get to that later.
Here is my point, what we discerned from the program is dependent on our mode of thinking and perceiving. Scientists have come to realize that "the human brain is composed of two parts with diametrically opposed, yet complementary functions. They are known as the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere of the brain is in charge of noting differences between things…this mode is known as analytical, Cartesian, serial, linear, deductive, segregative, etc. The right side is in charge of noting similarities between things, and their relation to each other and the whole thus unifying them. This mode is known as synthetical, holistic, congregative, etc." RA UN NEFER AMEN Metu Neter, Vol. 1. There are several publications available which illustrate the holistic mode of thinking in African cultures. Placid Temples in his Bantu Philosophy, Marcel Griaule in Conversations with Ogotemmeli, and several other treatises are available on the Yoruba. What is extant in contemporary African culture has also been identified in ancient Egyptian culture, see The Gods of the Egyptians by Wallis Budge. Egyptologists would like to exclude Massey from the debate, but the fact is almost all the findings of his immense research is being validated by contemporary science and literature. " A Hermean fragment shows the earth figured as a woman in a recumbent position with arms uplifted towards heaven, and feet raised in the direction of the Great Bear. The geographical divisions are represented by her body, and Egypt is typified as the heart of all." A quote from Massey's Book of Beginnings. " Griaule's description of the granary of the Dogon, a Sudanese people,Conversations with Ogotemmeli;
"Thus the granary was like a woman, lying on her back (representing the sun) with her arms and legs raised and supporting the roof (representing the sky). The two legs were on the north side… The granary and all it contained was therefore a picture of the world-system."
Whether you see the similarities or not is dependent on the dominant side of your brain.
The question remains however about the origin or root of the culture of the Africans and Egyptians.
Did Egyptian priests, fleeing Egypt to escape the conquering hordes, impart their culture to the savage black Africans or was Egyptian civilization the Apex of black Africa's culture and thus the civilizing force for the later Greco-Roman culture? Again, your answer is dependent on the dominant side of your brain.
Richard Poe in his work, "Black Spark White Fire" does not give conclusions or opinions, like Martin Bernal in his Black Athena. Poe simply asks you to arrive at your own conclusion based on the available evidence. None of the above writers or researchers were or are Afrocentrists. Most approached their task from a religious point of view. The program The Real Eve was very explicit however, in stating that about one hundred and fifty thousand years ago Homo Sapiens were living in East Africa, and no where else. The contributing scientists also went on to prove that the climate necessitated these humans be ethnically homogeneous Negroids because of the Vitamin D, Folic Acid factor. However, here is my problem with the program, these same Africans when they migrate to Australia and South Asia, upon arrival maintained their Negroid characteristics, yet upon arrival at the "area of contention" they suddenly appear Semitic. Was there a climatic change that necessitated this mutation? The narrator specifically states that a climatic change, in the north, enabled northern migration. Climatologist attest to a tropical environment in the ancient Sahara. In fact, there is dissension between some Egyptologist and some Climatologist regarding the age of the Sphinx. Some climatologist's claims are more in line with what the ancient Egyptian priests told Herodotos about the age of their civilization. Some Afro-American scholars think that the reason Euro-centric Egyptologists place the age of Egypt's civilization so close to Macedonian is to legitimize the claim that the ancient Egyptians were a White/Semitic people.
I shall wait for the next shoe to drop. The presence of this forum and the involvement of non-Eurasians in the science of Egyptology is essential to expose the cover-ups and deceptions too long ordained on the minds of the colonized masses.

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