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I can debunk them all from dsouza to down to mary leftowitz. Even if eurocentrics exclude egypt,and still get them because it has been proven nubia is older than KMT by white scholarship. There is a civlization in the sahara caleldthe garmantes,which was black and had complex irrigation and had large cities in aplace caleld garma. There is megaliths in the congo,which eurocentrics claim never developed anything. There is megalithic culture in southern egypt older than anything in europe including malta.

The haya tribe in eastern africa in tanzania which europeans claimed were living in the sotne age had smelted iron and had furances hotter than anything in europe up to bessimer.

Swahili houses in kilwa mombassa had plumbing and toliets when europeans were throwing shit out the window. The afro asiatic language which the ancient kemetian language stems from is over 15,000 years old and came from somewhere between the red sea and sudan. It has been shown african domesticated cattle on their own. eurocentrics like john r baker claimed africans never built in stone or multi stories structures,yet there are multi storied stone structures in kenya,burkino faso that pre date colonial europe.
irrigation systems also are found in kenya along with these ruins.
Read the book intoafrica by marq devillers who sets the record straight aboutpre colonial africa. eurocentrics have claimed the africans have had no numeral systems yet we find that inthe book africa counts it has been shown the yoruba have a number system that is complex. John r baker in his book mentioned that africans had no weights or measure,yet we find the ashanti have both gold weights and their own measure. europeans have claimed that the empire of ghana came from arab trad yet we have development of a city called djenne around 250 bc and 300 Ad was developing,sothere is noway arabs brought urbanization.Kingdoms in eredo go backas far as 1,000 years.

It was said by colonialist historians sahara was a barrier but yet 8,000 years ago we have rock art deplicting black people which is backed up by heneri lhote. Western african reice cultivation would come in handy because desendants of these people wouldlater bring this skill to america and teach their slave masters the africanway of rice cultivation.

europeans for centuries have said that noafrican developed awritten language,but we have gerze in senegal,nisibsi in nigeria,and of course vai.

Eurocentrics have argued that Africans had iron but they did not shape it into any thing,and this is bullshit. Africans in western africa shaped iron into nail,chain mailarmour,and armour for horses.
The so caleld moroccan leather was developed by the hausa in northern nigeria with used the arabic script,but invented their own alphabet.

Yoruba even were ableto make silk threadand make adire cloth using their own spoils,which europeans claimedthey did not have.
Basil davidson,ivan van sertima,cheikh anata diop,and many others have debunked them countlesstimes.

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