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February 21, 2002 - by P.Barton

Wars are being declared all over the planet these days, it seems. There are wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on "infidels," wars on the weather, and wars on things and people who have done absolutely nothing but exist or belong to another caste.

Africans and Africans/Blacks in the Black Diaspora once declared a war against Racism, Colonialism and sanctified Racism. One of the first wars against racism by Blacks occurred in Egypt against the Hyksos who about the 1700's Before Christ to the 1500's Before Christ, invaded Egypt and ravaged the land and people. They plundered, destroyed and tried to enslave the Blacks of Egypt. After about 300 years of tyranny, they were defeated an driven back where they came from. The hero of that fight was Pharoah Ahmose.

One of the longest and still existing wars against racism happened in India, where about 1700 B.C. to 1500 B.C., 'Indo-European" nomads invaded the great Black civilization of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, India. Many historical sources state that the invaders did not immediately invade the Black India but used flooding as well as trickling in gradually.

They weakened the nation and upon getting hold of the religious texts of that region, implemented the world's first system of "color consciousness" or caste racism on the Aboriginal Black Africn Kushites and African Dravidians, the two branches of the Black race who developed ancient India. For more on this subject see the book, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-Africn Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth," pub. by 1stBooks Library, 2529 Vernal Pike, Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A. (see previews also at


Fight Against Racism and Casteism in South Asia

After many centuries of war and genocide against India's original Blacks, the caste system, one of the most ancient and most devastating forms of sanctified racism was implemented on the Black population. Today in India, Blacks of prehistoric African origins whose ancestors were the very first people on that sub-continent are also called "Black Untouchables," or "Dalits," and the "Black Tribals," (and other tribals such as the Mongol Jats) and are among the world's most oppressed people. They have declared a war on racism, sanctified racism, poverty and oppression.

Racism, Religious Imperialism and Slavery of Blacks in Sudan, Mauritania

Another war against racism, colonialism and sanctified racism occurred when the Arabs invaded Nubia-Kush (Sudan) in the 700's A.D. At that time, Kalydosos, the Emperor of Nubia used his great intelligence and military skill to crush the invading armies from across the Red Sea and from occupied Egypt. He kept the invaders out of Nubia-Kush for 800 years.

Today in Sudan, Mauritania and parts of North Africa, Blacks are still being hunted down as slaves, while some Black nations do absolutely nothing about it. Africans in Sudan, especiall in the southern part are being made into slaves by the 'mixed" descendants of the invaders, who continue to implement their racist policy of enslaving Blacks. One is reminded of the Christian policy of starting slavery and having a worldwide policy of enslaving "descendants of Ham," or Black people.

Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya (where ancient humanoids were one million years ago), are the most sacred and Holy Lands fofor hundreds of millions of Blacks from the Americas to India, where the first high culture was established iin Ta-Seti about 17,000 years ago, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia and such lands are to Blacks around the world, what Isreal is to Jews and Rome is to Catholics.

Genocide, Neglect and Racism Against Blacks in Latin America

Racism agains Blacks is rampant in Euro-controled nations like those of the Americas. In Latin America, racism is rampant against Blacks. Racism against Blacks in Latin America is among the worst on earth., In many Latin American nations, Blacks are systematically oppressed, kept poor and living in slums and Black children are hunted down in the streets like stray animals.

In one Central American nation, Blacks are not hired for many jobs and racism is rampant. The Blacks in Spanish-Speaking Central America has declared their war on racism and one of America's oldest Tribes, the pre-columbian Black Garifuna Nation (see National Geographic Magazine), whose tribal membership is about half a million, but with milllions of non-tribal members all over the Americas.

People of Garifuna origins, descent or ethnicity are said to be descendants of slaves who were shipwrecked off the island of St. Vincent, however new and old information show them to be also the descendants of Africans who migrated to the Americas in ancient times, before Christ and after (see the great reference on the ancient Black and African civilizations of the Americas (A History of the African-Olmecs: Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times to the Present Era; 1stBooks Library, 2529 Vernal Pike, Bloomington, Indiana 47404, U.S.A ).

The Garifuna as well as the descendants of pre-Columbian Blacks who still exist today, such as the Choco People of Columbia, South America, the Washitaw Nation of Louisiana, USA, the Afro-Darienite of Panama, and the Chuarras of Brazil and the descendants of the Black Jamassee of Georgia/South Carolina/Alabama/Florida region of the U.S., have been fighting European racism and inriltration since the first Spanish ship arrived in the West Indies and tried to enslave these African merchants, whose people had been sailing and trading with the Americas for thousands of years.

Institutionalized Racism Against Blacks in North America, Australia, Britain

In North America, all types of tricks and legal schemes are used as a means to return Blacks to enslavement. In Au;stralia and Britain, new tricks such as using drug abuse by some Blacks to return Blacks to modern slavery is in effect. In fact, Australia has laws like "three strikes," and "Manditory Minimums," some of the most racist laws directed specifically at Blacks, many who are victims of alcohol and drugs deliberately introduced in Black communities in Australia.

The Black Aboriginals of Australia are fighting for their independance and making the Northern Territories an independant nation will be in the benefit of Australia. But that nations must fortify itself with more Blacks and prevent the Malays from invading that land as they are doing in West Papua.

Malay racism, Genocide and Imperialism Against Black Melanesians, Papuans

Racism based on religion and race is also rampant in West Papua, the western half of the Island of Papua-New Guinea. For many years, Black Melanesians in Papua-New Guinea and the Melanesian region, including New Caledonia's Kanak People, have been fighting both racism and neo-colonialism against the Malays who are trying to apply the racist "Asianization Policy," on the Aboriginal Black nations of Indonesia and Melanesia. The French settlers in New Caledonia and caste Indians in Fiji are also involved in a racist schemes and economic discrimination against Blacks in these lands.


Throughout the world, racism against Blacks is rampant and in some places it is acceptable policy. Tribalism and nneo-colonialism, where Blacks are used against Blacks in ordr to keep them weak is also a major problem in much of Africa and parts of Asia and Melanesia. In the Americas, "Tribalism," is seen in the Black on Black violence that is caused by the drugging and pouring of alcohol in Black communities.

It is more common to find a liquor store on every block in the Black community, sellers of poison on every corner and a church to spread pacifism and for collecting black money for other people's banks, in Black neighborhods. In Black America, a war against racism has been declared and Blacks are uniting, their institutions, businesses and leadership to fight back. For references and more articles on the issues discussed, see the website, "John Williamson." http:/


The hijaking of the World Conference on racism has led to the reuniting of the Black world on issues that affect the Black world. Racism and invasions of Blacks lands in Sudan and Mauritania, Indonesia and West Papua is one of the issues that affects the Black world, even though some of the participants in the system of sanctified racism in North East Africa are Black African, who would be reminded of who the are in Germany, the U.S., Libya, Isreal, Russia, China, Latin America, India, Europe and parts of the Middle East, where the term "slave" would be used to call them.

Racism in the Americas, continued racism in parts of Southern Africa, poverty, degradation and other forms of racism in Latin America, North America and elsewhere are issues to Blacks around the world.


The World Conference on Racism was hardly about finding solutions to making racism impotent. It dealt with the issues of other people, while most of the world's oppressed Black people were left with nothing.

The War on Racism now declared by the world's one billion seven hundred million Black or Africoid peoples in every part of the world includes:

1. Working to stop racism by fighting against it and supporting those fighting against it around the world.
2. Working to stop sanctified racism and the use of religions to maintain oppression of Blacks
3. Doing all that is necessary to stop poverty, economic exploitation and economic racism.
4. Working around the world to create a single World Pan-African (Pan-Black) agenda
5. Working on strategies to fight and defeat racists, their policies and their agenda.
6. Supporting the independance, self-determination and cultural strength of Blacks around the world. Supporing Black communities and nations to fight racism.
7. Working to encourage economic cooeration, the creation of world companies and business strength and power around the world.
8. Unifying Black media around the world and using Black youth culture to spread the message of unity and progress among Blacks around the world. The use of Hip-Hop music, R&B, Afro-pop, Dalit music from India and the Black Pacific/Asian nations. The use of Black music, art, culture, religions and other forms from Afro-Latin America and elsewhere to help improve and spread the message of Black liberation and progress.
9. Working to bring about a scientific and industrial adancement of Blacks around the wolrd.
10. Working to improve and make BlackWorld/African educational systems the best on earth.
11. Working to unite the worlds Black nations, communities and regions into a powerful economic Black Block (African-America, Afro-Brazil, Afro-Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Black Dalit India, Papua New Guinea-West Papua-Melanesia, Aboriginal Australia, Black communities of the Middle East and Black Communities of Europe).
12. Working to take control of the destiny of Blacks around the world to a future of progress, peace and independance.

See the great blueprint for Black American and Black world economic, cultural and social advancement: "Susu and Susunomics: The Theory and Practice of Pan-African Economic and Cultural Self-Preservation," published by Inc., 910 East Hamilton Ave, Suite 100, Campbell, California 95008, U.S.A also previewed at ""

The Black World's War on Racism, Tribalism and Neocolonialism was declared after the Conference on Racism held in Durban, South Africa. It is not a new war, it is the continuation of thousands of years of struggle by Blacks around the world. Finally Africans and Blacks around the world have realized that racism, tribalism, ethnic strife, casteism, and the genocide that accompanies it is a war against Blacks on a worldwide scale and the time has come to respond.

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