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A Response: PBS "Race": A History Of Racism

by Paul Barton
Sun, 04 May 2003



In order for one to understand the nature of Anglo-Saxon racism and its effects on present-day Africans/Negroids around the world, or the effect of sanctified racism in India, Sudan and West Papua and its effect today, one has to also study the English system of servitude, surfdom and servant/master (as in Manor House) relationships.

The fact is, racism grew out of a system that was established in England and parts of Europe during the Middle Ages, when Africans/Black Moors began to fall out of favor from being a highly respected and accomplished people, to being reduced to slavery after Ferdinand and Isabella retook Spain from the Black Moors and Arabs.

From this point onward, religious books like the Bible and others were distorted to establish the philosophy of racism and to connect it to religion as has been the case in India for about three thousand years.

Yet, racism was not invented in Europe or by the type of Europeans we know today. The earliest forms of racism came from two sources. One is the invaders who entered Black Naga India during the 1700's B.C. and after hundreds of years of fierce warfare, extermination and genocide along with religious trickery (such as entering a Black religions, taking over the books, changing them), racism became tied to religions.

In like manner, the 'Hebrews" who were said to be partially composed of Semites from the wilderness and who were among the invaders of Egypt before the time of Ahmose tried to establish a system of oppression in Egypt but the Egyptian High Priests, who were the real power behind the thrones of Egypt at one time, rejected the foreign influence and religious ideas. Later on, Ahmose was able to defeat and drive out the Hyksos and Egypt did not fall into the same conditions that India fell into when the Black originators of the Indus Valley culture were driven to untouchability and the invaders established their rule, religion and culture.


According to M. Gopinath of Dalit Sahitya Sangathane, (see the book, ref. "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," pub. by Xlibris, ), in ancient times, a race of people related to Africans who were Blacks and called Naga, were spread from South Asia (also found from the South Pacific, through Indo China to South India all the way west to Cape Verde in Africa) all the way to West Africa. The Naga were a branch of this ancient Black race who were the first people to establish civilization and culture around the world.

The Naga were the people we call today Negro/ Negroid, African/ Africoid or loosely, The Black Race.

According to Gopinath, the Blacks of India were invaded and their culture destroyed. Nomads from Eurasia spend hundreds of years working to distroy what was a magnificent Black civilization that was spread from Eastern India all the way to Afghanistan and who were related to Blacks in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and the region thereof.

Although the Blacks were not militarily conquered, they were psycholigically and religiously conquered when their religious beliefs, writings and traditions were distorted by the invaders who established a system of "varna" or color caste gading to maintain an apartheid-like system. This system continues today in India and although people of jet black skins can be found in the highest levels of the caste system and people of fair skin can be found in the lowest levels, it is the very fair skinned, high caste people who dominate South Asian aristocracy, while the Black/darkskinned majority are at the middle to bottom.

The invaded civilization of the Indus Valley, which was a Black civilization related to the Black Elamites and Black Cushites of Mesopotamia and East Africa was destroyed and entire Black tribes and peoples wiped out from Afghanistan, northern India and parts of India. Those who refused to be part of the caste system were labeled "Untouchables," and these were the remnabts of those who fought the white nomads from northern Eurasia who infiltrated India (see more from the text, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth," pub. by 1stBooks Library, 2595 Vernal Pike, Bloomington, Indiana 47404 U.S.A. ) 1(800) 839-8640 Also read, "The Black Untouchables of India," by V.T. Rajshekar, Y.N. Kly, Runoko Rashidi, pub. by )

Yet, despite the degradation of the Blacks of Cushite India and Cushite Sudan (Nubia-Cush) who were masters of science, technology and art (read Drusilla Dungee Houston's "Wonderful Ethiopians of the Mighty Cushite Empire," pub. by Black Classics Press, Baltimore, MD ), those who were able to rebuild their ancient civilizations continued to make and create magnificent works and contribute to world development. In fact, as Houston points out, much of what is called "Arabian" civilization is actually Black Sabean and Black Cushite civilization later adopted by the nomadic Semites.

Ironically, the Black Cushites were the first people to be vilified and defamed by racist Semitic religiouis writings such as the lie called "The Curse of Ham," which has been used to perpetuate racism, slavery and oppression of Blacks to this day.


One of the most important people in world history, Buddha contributes to the uplifting of the Black Cushtes of India after they were downpressed for many years by the nomads who took control of India. According to Indian historians of the Dalit group, India's flowering and the upliftment of the Naga and the Black Untouchable population of India occurred a few centuries before the Birth of Christ due to the works of Buddha and that Buddhism was a rejection of the previous religion that was extremely oppressive to the indigenous Black Indian/Native population of India.


Racism was not a strong factor against Blacks during the Greek and Roman period of civilization in Europe (800 B.C. to 400 A.D.). In fact, by 800 B.C., when the Greeks were beginning to make their mark in Europe, they were overshadowned by powerful Black civilizatons in the Mediterranean. There were the Black Maurites/Canaanites of Spain, the Western Mediterranean, the Egyptians in the Eastern Mediterannean, the Nubians, Black Sabeans/Ethiopians of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean and the Colchians of the Black Sea Region/Armenia. These Black nations dominated parts of the Mediterannean and one finds them mentioned in the Greek Epics such as the Illyad and Homer's works.

In fact, the founders of early Greek or "Negreecian" civilizations were the Egyptians themselves, and it was Egyptian priests to reminded Herodotus that the Egyptians had been in the "Peleponeses" thousands of years before the Greeks arrived. Factually, the Dorian Greeks who were the first "white" Greeks arrived from Central Asia along with a number of other Caucasoid peoples who also entered into Northern Italy, France, Spain, Germany and parts of Western Europe. In fact, today's Afghans, Pashtoons and other Central Europeans and Altaic Russians are directly related to the various Western European nations of today.

As far as the Romans, Greeks and early Jews (Isrealites) were concerned, Blacks/Cushites/Ethiopians/Egyptians were a great people and as far as the Romans and Greeks were concerned (see Herodotus, "The Histories," ) the Ethiopians or Africans were the inventors of "pomp and ceremony, laws," and other aspects of civilization. On the other hand, the Romans and Greeks looked at other Europeans, particularly the Celtics as barbarians and it is also the Greeks who are credited for popularizing blonde-haired jokes, because they considered the blonde and red-haired Celtics and other Europeans to be "stupid" and inferior. Still, Roman and Greek contempt for the Celtics and Northern/Central Europeans was based on cultural chauvanism on the parts of the Romans and Greeks.

They could not develop the same type of feelings for Blacks they encountered because at that period, Blacks in Nubia, Egypt, South Arabia, Sabean Ethiopia, Colchis (Black Sea Area, Russia), India, North-West Africa, Iberia, were highly advanced and although the Greeks and Romans ment Black nomads, they did not base Black developent primarily on the nomadic people they met (as many racists have done for centuries to point to Black "backwardness.")

After the corrupting of the Bible and the use of the Bible to justify slavery during the 1600's (see the players and writers involved, 'A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," pub. by ), as well as the pervasive pushing of the slave trade by the Europeans in the West and the Semites in the East, theories on race and racism itself developed and was used as an excuse to justify slavery. Both the Europeans and Semites used similar excuses such as that lie called "the curse of Ham," which was actually a "curse" on Canaan. Canaan, Ham's Black son is said to have been the creator of civilization in Fhenkhu (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Isreal, the Levant), and a master seafarer and trader. Cush built great civilizations from India to the Mende Sahara, while Punt developed Somalia the Black lands East of India and Mizraim developed Egypt. This is the story as the Bible gives it, althoug many Africans don't believe the flood affected the entire world and that Black civilization in places like the Sahara and Central Africa existed tens of thousands of years ago, even when parts of Congo did not have thick forestation and half of the Sahara was covered by an inland sea with the other half a place of great civilizations including the mother and father civilizations that gave birth to Egypt and others.


Racism will never disappear as long as those who are the victims of racism continue to accept their lot, remain dependant on the racist element and their system, or continue to live among the racists and their system. It is a fact that the serf class and servant class of 17th to 19th century England and Europe who were tired of that system separated themselves from the British/Europeans. Many of the English and Irish racists who oppressed Blacks in the Americas were themselves treated worse than slaves when they were in Europe/England, yet, a system of oppressing Blacks based on race and color and that holds "pink" or pale complexion and European features to a high standard in America treated formerly white surfs as kings and queens, opening to them a large land where they could simply take the property of the Black Aboriginals and Mongoloid "Indians" who were here before them.


Today, there seems to be a fuss about white students attending an all-white prom in the Southern U.S. (forgot the state), while Blacks who also have their all-Black proms seem not to care one bit. Yet, what many of us who find this resegregation don't know is that Blacks in the Southern U.S. from Florida to Texas have long rediscovered that much of the Southern States, where the most horrible attrocities and most rabid racists existed and may still exist is land that was illegally taken from the Black African-American nations like the Jamassee and Gwale of the area from North Carolina to Florida, or the Jamassee of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and the Washitaw of the Mississippi/Louisiana region whose one million square miles were illegally sold by France for three cents an acre.

Blacks in the South and other parts of the U.S. are very well aware of this history, that is why unlike the day of old before Blacks knew their history and considered "integration" to be the salvation, it is the return of Black lands in the South and the rebuilding of Black nationhood and independance that is of most importance to most Blacks. Attending a prom with white students is not going to improve the lot of Blacks in the South who have seen how the rest of the Black world and the world in general works.

Many Blacks continue to ask, "Where are the white students and the call for whites to sit next to Japanese students in Japan so that the Japanese students can be "equal?" The Japanese are equal no matter what others say because they are human beings first and foremost and accomplishment, advancement and progress of peoples, races and cultures depend on exposure to resources, good trade and the lack of obstacles to stop advancement.

Many Nigerians in England are exposed to the very same conditions that make Japan an the Japanese people an accomplished people. Hence, Nigerians in England where the environment is primarily white (50 million whites, 6 million Blacks including Blacks from India, where the term "Black" is used by the British to describe darkskinned people from India, Africans, Afro-West Indians from the Caribbean, Afro-Brisith and other Black/Negroid peoples). It is also in England that the Nigerians are the most upwardly mobile group, while certain sectors of the white Catholic Irish and working class British populations are the losest levels.

So, we should not be astonished that Blacks in the South could care less whether whites go to an all white prom and don't invite Blacks. Of course, it does not look good for the nation as a whole, when unity against others and coheisiveness is what is needed especially now, but at the same time, when whites decide to return to segregation, they are contributing to their own self-destruction and are simply pushing Blacks who have sat on the fence and not joined in the movement for Black independance and nationhood a reason to do so. No people in their right mind will ever accept Jim Crow and slavery conditions, even if some Southern states have initiated the new "fifty-cent" form of high tech slavery, contine to disenfranchise Blacks and continue to maaintain a system of near surfdom in the South. Sooner of later, Blacks in the South will realize that rebuilding and returning the old Black nations of the South is the key to Black survival.

In retrospect, scientists, pseudo-scientists and others can say all they want about the conditions of Blacks and whether it is due to racism or not, that will not stop Blacks from seeing that only pulling up self by the bootstraps through independant economies, independant lands and creating a strong and separate culture from an oppressive class is the way that improvements will be made in the conditions of all Blacks rather than a tiny few. The sad reality about racism is that after Blacks are severely oppressed, even their music, jazz, culture and anything they produce is stolen. It reminds one of the old racist European scheme of raiding the ancient treasures of Benin, the Ashanti and the Nubians of Sudan (sounds familiar??), carrying off statues and artworks in gold, bronze, ivory, iron and other metals, carrying off scrolls, tablets, parchment books and other artefacts, taking stone and terracotta carvings, finding statues and statuettes and breaking off the noses and faces (as some is being accused of doing in Sudan today, and as the one group was accused of doing to the Buddha statue in Afghanistan), after the ravaging of Black culture is completed, then saying Blacks have no hhistory, civilization and culture.

According to "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," pub. by Xlibris, ) During the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a number of Europeans who were coming out of the early and mid Middle Ages period as the most backward people on planet earth began to explore, exploit and ravage the lands of people around the world. From the time of Shakespeare's "Othello" when Black Moors and "Saraceans" (Arabs) were the most accomplished people in Europe to the late 1800's, Europeans went around the world studying and copying the cultures, religions and habits of others. Many theorists and inventors of racism journied to places like India, where they were exposed to much of the racism and casteism that existed there and began creating theories about races, racial differences, false sciences dealing with why some races are better off than others.

This book examines race, racism and Black revolution and retaliation against oppression in a manner never before tackled.

"A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," pub. by Xlibris, 436 Walnut Street 11th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106 USA 1(215) 923-4686 1(888) 795-4274 After reading this great work, the PBS series will seem a mere tease.

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