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Re: The shame is on Whites.
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You must not assume that Africans want to kick Europeans out of Africa. However look at the facts, Blacks in Libya, an African nation under Arab occupation brutalized and expelled thousand of Africans, yet Africans are still running around begging these Arabs.

In Europe, Blacks have lived in the region long before the Roman Period. In fact, there were Blacks in Britain before the Angels and Saxons migrated from Germany. Yet, in England and parts of Europe, Blacks are not regarded as "indigenous." In France, Germany and a number of European nations, Blacks who have been a race in Europe for thousands of years are still regarded as foreign, when the Caucasian Migrations into Western Europe was late, compared to the Black occupation of parts of Europe before the Caucasian migrations from north-central Europe and Eurasia.

When it comes to European racists and exploiters in Africa, Africans are saying the present conditions are unfair. There are probably not many Africans who want to expell Europeans from Africa. In fact, there are probably more who want to expell the Arabs, their religion and their culture from Sudan, Somalia and elsewhere in Africa before they will ever apply the same to Europeans. However, Africans in Africa and the Diaspora must be tired of being exploited, scratching the soil for grains of wheat, walking around barefeet and starving, while their economies are being organized to serve Europe and while their lands are being controlled by others.

There would be absolutely no problem with whites in Africa if they had not and continue to hold a position of domination. Perhaps you should ask the ordinary African. However, Africans are tired of bing houseboys, servants, maids and gardeners in their own country and on top of that, being mistreated.

The issue is not skin color because one particular group of light skinnned people have lived in Africa for hundreds of years althoughin small numbers. These are Chinese people, yet, there is an amicable relationship iin Africa as well as parts of the Caribbean because the Chinese in these areas do not adhere to the notion of white supremacy and racism. In the case of brown-skinned Indians from India, whites and mixed race people in Southern Africa, it is different. They hold a false sense of 'superiority,' and think they can treat Africans any way they want.

When Blacks in Europe are classified as indigenous to Europe, where ancient evidence of their presence is available and where Blacks have lived for thousands of years since the time of the Phonecians and Nubians, then there would probably not be a feeling of disgust among Africans when Europeans or Arabs want to claim any part of Africa in order to exploit Africans, use them and still think they can be appreciated.

Think about it. It just ain't fair and it ain't fair because many whites have absolutely no respect for Blacks, whether in Africa, Latin America, India, the U.S., Australia, Russia or anywhere else. What is even worse is how whites can influence and brainwash other light hued and mixed races to believe they are better than Blacks.

Just consider the thousands and thousands of Africans who need land to support their families. Think about the large amounts of land in parts of Africa being used for cash crops to sell to foreign entities and to the European and foreign markets. Is planting sisal to make rope more important than planting crops to feed the population, particularly a population that does not import its food from overseas or does not even make sufficient money to send their live decently.
The problem is one of the greatest lies ever told is still being told today and its being told to Africans among other people. The idea that some God gave certain people lands belonging to Blacks and Afro-Asiatics (speaking of the formerly Black lands of the Middle East now occupied by Semites), is utterly false and is evil in its result. The idea of thinking that certain people have a right to claim the lands of people who have lived on these lands for thousands of years is evil. The idea of having the natives of a nation working like surfs on their own lands to people from other parts of the world, as is happening in parts of India today, where Black Dalits cannot even own land is evil.

One thing is certain, that situation would not happen in Europe. You will not find the three or more million Blacks in Britain owning most of the land and having the British people starving for a lack of land. It would not happen in France, nor Germany, nor Poland, nor Russia.

As Europe starts to band together in an effort to flex its colonialist agenda, its really time for Africa, India and other formerly colonial nations to take measures to protect their lands and their interests. Anyone with any knowledge of history or any insight can and will see that a new era of colonialism is returning. Anyone with the knowledge of the ancient African religious traditions who believe in the fifty year cycle of the repeat of events, will see that the events of fifty years ago, when Africans were beginning to fight colonialism is returning. Africans are today fighting neo-colonialism just as if history had repeated itself.

As mentioned, the ordinary African and in fact most Blacks on this planet would have no objection to another race living among them. Blacks are not attempting to do what certain elements in Germany, France and England are attempting to do, which is expell Blacks from Europe, just as was done in 1492 to the Moors who had lived in Europe for about 800 years and helped develop that land and usher in the European Renaissance. All Black people are asking for is the right to live and not starve on their own lands. Wherever there is fairness, Africans/Blacks around the world respect and treat other peoples with dignity, however when Blacks are in the lands of others, including lands that they have been in for thousands of years, they are brutally oppressed by the infiltrator or the migrants.

There are many Africans who are optimistic, both in Africa and the African diaspora. Those involved will reach a compromise, because no one can have on their conscience the starving of a nation of people because they had no land to plant crops to feed themselves and no money to buy food from overseas. Africans do not want to beg or depend on foreign aid, they want theirr lands so they can continue the very ancient tradition of agricultural productivity and production. Africans also for the most part do not want to live in an atmosphere of enmity with people of other races living on the continent, but what is an African to do when Arabs in Sudan, Libya and Mauritania are enslaving and eliminating Africans?

I hope you see my point and I see Africans in Southern Africa as being a very humane and kind-hearted people and if that character was taken into consideration, the British and the rest of Zimbabwe would work to come up with a compromise that all the people of Zimbabwe would accept. Nothing is impossible and people can come to agreement on the most difficult points of disagreement.


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