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The brown condor

Greetings Jah sons and daughters.

I turn here, 'cause I need a help, and maybe somebody reading this know something about this matter.

I am a swedish "pro-rasta" doing a essay about the swedish airforce working under His Imperial majesty Haile Sellassie in IEAF (the Imperial Ethiopian Air Force).
I read about John C Robinson, amongst other african-americans working there before the swedish take over. I read that when the swedish, Carl Gustav von Rosen in 1945 take over as the Principal Instructor and Director of the IEAF, there where some problems, that might have been "racial-issues" between the african-american and the swedish there.
In the material I've got to work with it says that after von Rosen fired Robinson (because he was lazy(?)), Robinson beat von Rosen up and go to trial for it, where he claim that the swedish, especially von Rosen, where acting racist towards the black personal inside the airforce. The etiopian court did not take any notice of this and throw Robinson in jail. Well, this material I've got is based mostly on the swedish personals storys, and the fact that the swedish working in Ethiopia would be racist is being strongly denied, especially when it comes to our "hero" von Rosen.

It is so hard to find the african american side of the story, especially about John C Robinson, and the African Americans situation in the IEAF, working under the swedish Ethiopian Airforce personal. If anybody who know something about this can send me materials through e-mail I would be eternally grateful, 'cause if in fact the swedish acted "clownish" in ethiopia (I kind of suspect this) I think it would not be right telling only their side of the story. For exampel, John C Robinson is painted out as a alcoholist that was sceared to fly and that he was a "dreamer" that wanted to do something for Africa and Ethiopia but had no skills..

I also want some info. about ethiopianism in Afroamerica and the Carribian by then, so I can more easy have an idea of the ideologies that bring John C Robinson and his crew to Ethiopia.

I understand there was a special force for only africanamericans in the American Airforce by then, and I hear their situation in the American Airforce was kind of hard too. I need to know more about all this things so I have a small background story on the people involved in the IEAF under Negus Negesti Haile Sellassie I.

Please, if U know something, contact me, 'cause I need to know the truth, and tell it through my essay, even if it might vex some old military up over here, he he;)


Baby T

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