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There have been many sources of information on the origins of AIDS (Aquired Immune Defficiency Syndrome) and many ideas as to its origins have been laid forth. Yet, the main issue is working to eliminate AIDS before it eliminates humans from this planet. Thus, steps will have to be taken to make sure that AIDS is not allowed to go out of controle and is controled and wiped out.

1. People must start to stop being careless. In order to take measures to ensure that behavior that causes AIDS to spread is not being practiced, people will have to control themselves. There are certain things that are not worth doing and risking our existance by doing so.

2. All behavior that contributes to AIDS should be made illegal. Of course government cannot legislate morality, but governments and people can make sure laws passed are not broken. They can educate people and make sure that the facts are aid out as plainly and as simply as possible so as not to be missed.

3. Many diseases said to be 'AIDS" were recently placed in the AIDS category by the WHO (World Health Organization). Many of these diseases are tropical diseases such as worms, bilharzia, tb, kwashiokor, malaria and others that give out a positive result similar to AIDS.
As long as these diseases are not brought under controle, through the use of programs to eliminate them and cure poeple of them, then those who label and make policy will always classify them as AIDS, blame the victims and tell the victims that their "behavior," alone is responsible. As long as poverty and squalor is permitted in poor nations, such diseases will fester. Therefore, it is proper to determine what AIDS is being transmitted through sexual practice and what AIDS is actually tb, malaria, sicle cell anemia, and so on.

4. Some months ago, a prominent magazine in the U.S., as well as a prominent television newsmagaine presented facts that show that certain people carry the AIDS virus and do not get the AIDS disease, however, whomever they have any sexual relations with will get the disease. Now that fact is important to these youth who have been brainwashed into the "pace and love," and "free sex," with anyone mentality. It is time someone teach them that "free sex," and promiscuity is contributing to genocide.

5. Governments and people should take measures to prohabit certain types of sexual practices from their countries. This is already being done in some lands and the reason for banning or making certain sexual behavior criminal is because such behavior is contributing to the destruction of the nations that have made them criminal. Sexual taboos in places like Africa should be returned. The respect for the honor or women, the Zulu idea of restrained sex and no sex before a specific period should be returned into African culture.


6. In South Africa, AIDS has suddenly spread at a rapid rate, particularly since the gaining of Majority participation in the system there. Many Blacks around the world who look at the South Africa situation very closely have asked where was the great AIDS crisis in South Africa before 1994?
The response by others is that something is not being told and that nothing was being done when that problem first hit South Africa.
Yet, it is in South Africa that one blow follows another. THE GREAT LIE, THAT HAVING A VIRGIN WILL CURE AIDS SEEMS TO BE THE BIGGEST OF TRICKS EVER CONCOCTED ON AFRICANS. Not a single culture in Africa, not a single period in African history has that belief ever been around. In fact, to have a virgin without the honor of marriage was taboo and still is in many African societies today.
"Susu Econommics," a book on African trade, commerce, money and wealth, also "A History of the African-Olmecs," a book on African civilization of the Americas before columbus and before Christ. Go to or

GOVERNMENTS should pass strict laws to make sure that women and young women are protected and honored.

7. African, East Indian, Caribbean, Pacific, Brazilian peoples, governments, NGO's and people of good will from anywhere should put their minds and their resources together to fight the symptoms of AIDS. These symptoms like pnumonia, tb and all the diseases that are the result of HIV, can be eliminated if people have good health care, medicines and a decent existance. Many diseases that Africans and people in tropical regions get, such as bilharzia and sicle cell anemia is now in the AIDS category (no thanks to the WH0), because they give out a "positive" similar to AIDS. It should be the duty of all to work to eliminate these diseases (see 'Aids Conspiracy,"

8. Medicines should be created, invented and manufactured. One thing about African culture, the art and science of herbalism is extremely strong in Africa, the Caribbean, Melanesia/South Pacific, Afro-America and Afro-Latin America. Many diseases are and have been cured through the use of traditional medicines.
The time has come for Africans in Africa and the Diaspora to start having heir scientists, herbalists, chemists and others create medicines improving traditional medicines as well as creating new ones.
African and Third World nations must also be aware that their inventions and traditional culture is being stolen by people who quickly place a patent on African inventions and want to sell these medicines to Africans at a very high price.

9. Attempts should be taken by nations and peoples affected by the genocidal AIDS attack to start creating a system to make sure that the population is growing steadily. It is said that about 25 million Africans have died of AIDS since it began. Every African person, leader and those interesed in stopping this apparent genocide, should consider the issue of POPULATION EXPANSION.


10. Governments should test everyone. Those with AIDS or HIV should be told that they cannot and should not engage in any type of sexual activity.
Those without AIDS or HIV who are of childbearing age should be encouraged to have many more children and should be encouraged to do so. After all, in the U.S., certain women are paid to have multiple births, where they take fertility pills. Yet, they complain when African women have ten, well spaced children. Yet, these women can have seven children per pregnancy and no one says a thing, in fact, these women who happen to be Euro are paid, given free homes, pampers for life, cars and all types of gifts.

The most efficient way to stop AIDS from destroying Africans and others is to stop those with AIDS from infecting other people and to make sure those with no AIDS will make a strong contribution to increase and supplant the population.

11. Marriage and loyalty should be taught and practiced. There should be an attempt to encourage young people to marry at a younger age and to stay married. Governments should not tolerate devorce, which can lead to adultry and promiscuity particularly to people who want to express their sexual "freedom" and try other people apart from the husband or wife they devorced.
Governments should not readily grant any devorce due to the present circumstances, unless the persons devorcing will marry again.

12. The African leader who proposed no sex for a year or more was laughted at by the same people who like to blame African "behavior" for spreading AIDS, yet, it is African leaders who will have to return to the strict African taboos against fornication, single parenting, prostitution, the exploitation of women by some men, and practices that can spread AIDS.

African leaders will have to ask, why is there no great Genocidal AIDS problem ins the Muslim nations. Where is the Great AIDS problem in Sweden, or in Mongolia? There is none because these people do not expose themselves and their people to any other group of people. Africans will have to start doing the same and return to the taboos of refusing and avoiding any sexual contact with outsiders.

In retrospect, it is due time that Africans in the Diaspora and the continent take measures to stop and eliminate the AIDS and HIV problem. Why is it that the victims of AIDS are mainly Negro-Black peoples from the North America, the Caribbean, Brail-Latin America, Europe, India, Africa (same continent, yet Arabs and Muslims have no great AIDS problem), South Pacific, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea.

The fact that the victims of AIDS in India happen to be mainly Black Untouchables, or in Africa mainly Black Africans, or in South Africa, mainly Blacks, in the Caribbean, the U.S., Latin America all mainly Blacks with a few Hispanics (many who are Black) has brought about lots of suspicion. TO CALL AIDS A CONSPIRACY OF GENOCIDE IS THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND PERCEPTION BASED ON OBSERVATON.

Therefore, knowing the above, every person must take steps to fight this attack. Every government, every organization should work to stop this genocidal attack. It is genocide because there are many who believe AIDS is being used to cull the African population and many have made that point clear already. They are happy that Africans/Blacks are getting AIDS, when in fact, many are not getting AIDS, but are getting tropical diseases that has been in their particular regions for thousands of years.

Still, despite what people say, think or want to happen, AIDS can be defeated. It can be defeated by governments in Africa and other affected regions taking DRACONIAN MEASURES (CUBA DID EXACTLY THAT AND KEPT AIDS FROM DESTROYING THEIR COUNTRY) SUCH AS QUARANTINE TO CONTROLE THOSE WHO HAD AIDS BUT CONTINUED TO INFECT OTHERS.

Governments should make sure that sexual promiscuity is not allowed. They should also make sure that more people get married at a younger age, no quickie devorce is given, and that people are encouraged to expand the population by having many children.

If ever couple who marries has about ten children withing their lifetime and never has any sexual activity or adulturous behavior and never gets AIDS, THEN THE AIDS PROBLEM WILL BE DONE WITH, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Practices like abortion, which studies in Britain has shown to contribute to breast cancer in women ( see ), should also be done away with or people should be educated about them.

Pianke Nubiyang
More on the Aids Conspiracy,

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