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Re: Lott stirs civil war embers in heart of Dixie

I say leave Trent Lott alone. Senator Lott’s “crime” was that he stepped on the sacred integration cow. Since desegregation certain Blacks have made great individual advancements on the American scene, for example, Colin, Condoleezza, Oprah and Mike. However, as a group, another picture emerges. In 1950 the prison population was 65% white and 35% non-white; today it is the opposite. Young blacks are 6% of the population, 50% prison inmates. In 1960 3/4 of Blacks were born into a married family while today 1/3 of Black children have two parent homes. Unemployment in 1950 was 3.4% White and 6.4% Black, in 1992 it was 6% White and 14% Black. In 1860 Black combined net worth was half of 1%, after integration it’s half of 1%. It appears Blacks as a group in many areas, were doing better prior to 1964

Segregation was a socio-political embarrassment for United States policies after WWII, so it was doomed no matter who was president. Integration for Blacks was a necessary social façade. But I wonder if Strom Thurmond’s politics would have forced Blacks to work together as a group for their well-being? We do know that integration eventually allowed Republicans to showcase J.C. Watts, but did nothing to “integrate” the economic power structure. Consequently, with only selected “ social integration” Black economic group potential suffered, unlike segregated Black Wall Street of the 1920’s. Maybe, in a bizarre sort of way, Trent Lott was on to something and Black folks shouldn’t be so angry.

My thinking is since emancipation right or wrong, our fault or not, we have been travelling the wrong path. We have always been seeking integration without Black unity. Integration into the power structure, without power, can only weaken our group efforts for survival and place our individual success in danger. To paraphrase Fanon, As sad as it makes me, I'm afraid our destiny is to be white"

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Re: Lott stirs civil war embers in heart of Dixie

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