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UK in bid to oust President Mugabe

By Dr David Nyekorach-Matsanga,

Africa is in a praetorian trap where coups, counter- coups, plotting insurgency and military rule have become a common feature in the continent's political life.

Behind this veil are agents or puppets of the CIA and MI6 on the continent.

The failure of the British hegemony to destroy Zimbabwe through many civil outlets such as Nepad and the Commonwealth troika, the European Union sanctions, among other ploys, has forced our mighty kingdom to revert to old tactics of divide and rule and overt and covert operations.

Some African countries, knowingly or unknowingly, are now being used as conduits of neo-colonialism on the continent. Their new assignment is to remove President Mugabe.

The London-based Ditcheley Foundation, which authorises and sponsors war and other underground activities in Africa, has now hired some fellow African brothers to deliver Zimbabwe to the altar of the "House of Windsor". Sources close to the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) have confirmed to Africa Strategy that secret contacts have been made for such a strategy to be implemented.

Already millions of pounds have been allocated to organisations such as the Zimbabwe Democracy Trust (ZDT) of Annabelle Hughes in London to recruit and sponsor those who want to train in all forms of warfare against the son of the soil, Cde Robert Mugabe.

There are frantic movements between London and Harare, which have seen an increase in the number of those opposed to President Mugabe being given visas to enter Britain on the grounds that President Mugabe's law courts and instruments of Government are persecuting them.

In fact, half of the plane that left Harare on Friday November 22 2002, on flight UM 762, was full of relatives and associates of members of the opposition who claimed to be fleeing persecution.

Sources at Gatwick Airport told Africa Strategy that the British High Commission in Harare has a parallel way of issuing visas for Zimba-bweans travelling to the UK.

Those for President Mugabe are excluded from this warm reception on this side of the divide. You only need to shout loud at Gatwick airport against President Mugabe to receive the best reception and a cup of coffee from several immigration officials.

There is now an exodus of young Zimbabweans claiming asylum in Britain.

My biggest worry now is where the young men are being taken? Is there a form of military training they are attending in the UK? Or they are only in transit to some countries that are pretending to be friendly to President Mugabe?

Who pays for these expensive tickets if they are not being paid by an organised ring of those opposed to President Mugabe in London and elsewhere?

One can easily get a visa at the British High Commission in Zimbabwe if one is very close to a member of the MDC or somebody who hates President Mugabe.

One of the passengers who confided in me said his visa was given by telephone and he never filled any forms because he was hiding in an office, fearing to be arrested by the police as compared to the cases of other applicants.

This brings me to the crux of the matter behind all these manoeuvres that have made the opposition in Zimbabwe speculate of chaos in December.

As far as last week, highly placed sources in this great city of conspiracy, London, have indicated that all being in place, the nation of Zimbabwe might have the second wave of random killings and genocide.

The purpose is to cause instability so as to force the UN Security Council to intervene to restore peace. This will occur in an organised manner where President Mugabe will be overthrown and a new leader is installed in Zimbabwe.

Defence analysts close to Africa Strategy have told us that an operation code-named "Open Shield" has been secretly launched by those who hate President Mugabe in London and Washington. Sources have told us that advanced plans are underway to infiltrate Zimbabwe and cause chaos so as to spark off an internal strife.

They have managed to persuade some people in two African countries I shall not name to infiltrate and stop President Mugabe and his Government from completing the land reform programme.

It is now crystal clear that chaos will start in Zimbabwe soon when the leadership of the trade union movement has been given to an intellectual "horse" that would drink the "hurry fixes" of the British toxins of war and under-cover terrorism, said a defence analyst in London.

Arms from an African country are the source of genocide in the whole of the Great Lakes region. A research conducted by Africa Strategy and backed by several humanitarian agencies found out that most of the weapons killing people in DRC are supplied by companies from this African country.

There are serious concerns expressed by those who have followed the crisis in the DRC about the influence of some African countries on the matters of peace in the DRC.

Zimbabwe, which has defended the DRC since 1998, has been sidelined by a section of people in the DRC and reduced to a level of onlookers and "dormant spectators" while those who have supplied arms that have killed the people of the DRC have the biggest say and cult in deciding the fate of this country.

Now that peace has come as a result of the sacrifice of the people of Zimbabwe, the usual tactics of the Pharisees in the Western world has started.

The British and Americans are fooling the government of the DRC with baits of reconstruction and rehabilitation packages so as to distance it from its only friend at the hour of need - Zimbabwe. There are indications that the DRC has started taking a rather unsavoury stance towards Zimbabwe by recalling their ambassador from Harare.

Britain has decided to hand over Zimbabwe to other African countries because it is easier to accelerate the political changes it wants from Africa than from 10 Downing Street.

The Prime Minister is facing a crisis at home, which is growing every day. All departments of life in Britain in the near future will see more and more strikes that are about to bring the UK to a halt. This has put the entire cabinet of Tony Blair in total disarray.

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