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Re: Those are Andaman Negrito Pygmies

"Did you take the time to read the two articles, if so, what are your views on them? "

First article is pure propaganda by marxist media. Just because caucasoid genes are present, doesn't mean "Aryan" brought them. It is quite clear from the skeletal evidence in Indus Civilisation that the vast majority of the inhabitants would be Caucasoids.

The second article is post by ME in my site (I run "Human Races Archives"). I posted that just to show that Africoid looking Indians migrated tens of thousands of years ago and never established their own civilisation in India as alleged by Afro-centrists.

"Where do you think Aryans/Europeans came from/originated? "

Typical wishful thinking. There is no archeological evidence of "Aryan/European" invading South Asia. India's ethnicity is continuation from Indus Valley Civilisation times. "True" Aryans were Vedic Aryas who had black hair.

Source: Atharva Veda.6.137.2
>> May thy hairs grow as reeds, may they cluster, black, about thy head!

Source: Atharva Veda.6.137.3
>> Brahmins have strong black hair.

Source: Dharma-Sutra 1:2
>> Let him [the Brahmin Priest] kindle the sacrificial fire while his hair is still black.

I'm quoting from (translation of) Vedas themselves.

Today's "Aryan" is a made up term by British, and exploited by white Nationalists.

"Where do you think the first people who settled in India came from? "

"First people" had little significance because they did not create anything, and lived in stone age culture. I think the first to enter "India"(it didn't exist back then) were out of Africa migrants(Negritos).

I'm not totally convinced about "Out of Africa" theory, btw.

Most Recent Study Supports Multiregional View of Human Evolution

The only Out of Africa migrants in INdia were Negritos.

"How do you know that Stone Age people had no culture? "

Because they have none. Care to cite evidence otherwise? They are insignificant peoples (in incluence) and have no claim in any part of INdian history. Besides, they don't even live in mainland India.

"What is culture and civilization in your view?"

Culture is a shared belief without any progress, where even Apes have them:

Ape culture hints at earlier evolution

Civilisation, on the other hand, is a reflection of culture in material objects. Only independent civilisations of ancient times (older than the Christian Era) were:


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