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Bush Admin "Celebrates" Birthday Of Dr. King

by Alvin Wyman Walker, PhD, PD, PC
Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist

Paradigmatic of the deep class biases of the Bush Administration, his so-called "economic stimulus package" proposes that half the cash will flow into the coffers of the richest one percent of taxpayers. Another quarter of the benefits will go to the top five percent. The remaining quarter will be disbursed to the people in the bottom ninety-five percent of the income distribution. A taxpayer in the middle of the bottom ninety-five percent will get a few hundred dollars while the bottom twenty percent will get little or nothing, only $5.20 to $13.00. By way of contrast, if Bush's income remains unchanged this year, he could get as much as $44,500.00.

Bush's crime-partner, Chaney, does even better with a windfall of about $327,000.00. Given this information, there can be no doubt that the Bush plan is grossly skewed in favor of his class of origin. And damn the rest!

Have these warmongering, capitalist criminals who propagate an ideology of white supremacy and are intent America-European world hegemony no shame?

While Bush was denied admission to the University of Texas Law School on the basis of his lack of merit, he was admitted to the Harvard Business School as a recipient of "affirmative action" for the elite as a "legacy" admission.

And while Bush opposes what he deems race-based admissions," a quota system," he personally benefited from class-based admissions policies at Harvard and before Harvard, at Yale as well.

It is both ironic and revelatory that on the birthday of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Bush Administration is "celebrating" this day by choosing it to announce that they are submitting a legal brief opposing affirmative action for people of color at the University of Michigan Law School. So we see that deep, pervasive, destructive ethnic biases also characterize the Bush Administration. But racists really do define themselves by their deeds and Bush at his core is an undiluted racist.

If Bush and his Administration were more sagacious and concerned with what is fair, just, and equitable, perhaps they would understand the import of Proverbs 18:19: "A brother offended 'is harder to be won' than a strong city: and 'their' contentions 'are' like the bars of a castle." Perhaps this truism is the real lesson of Usamah Bin Mohammed Bin Laden and 9/11.

Bush by his posture and policies, both domestically and internationally, is enflaming ethnic, class, and world conflict and division.

May Bush reap the whirlwind prophesied by Marcus Mosiah Garvey, which swirls in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the legion of others in the long Black line.

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