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the word pa neshsi does not mean negro

The ancient peoples of Nubia as recorded by the Egyptians are as
First, the riverine Nubians were called Nehsy, and this term would
to the Kerma Kushites whom the Middle Kingdom Pharaohs came into
with. In the eastern deserts dwelt the Medja, a bedouin type
that migrated for its living. After the Kushites emerged into a
Kingdom, and the Hyksos seized Lower and Middle Egypt, the
semi-independent Upper Egyptians turned to the Medja for military
As bedoiuns they were superb trackers, and I'm willing to see them as
the fellows who captured the Hyksos messenger on his way to Kush,
message Kamose intercepted. If he didn't know before, he knew after,
the Kushites and Hyksos were allied. This spelled curtains for both as
the Egyptians ousted the Hyksos. Amenhotep I was the first pharaoh to
penetrate deep into Kush, and his successor brought the body of the
Kushite ruler hanging head downward on his flagship after his campaign
against Kush. Thutmose II also campaigned against Kush, but it was
Hatshepsut who dealt them the death blows. She led three campaigns
crushed Kush. Thereafter the Egyptians moved out of the forts and
building towns. Thutmose III did not mount any campaign and when he
go to Kush in his fiftieth regnal year, it was to show the flag.

The other Nubian population was the Tjemeh, who lived west of the
Valley. Harkhuf mentions that on one of his trips to Yam, the chief he
dealt with had gone to smite the Tjemeh. So they were that early at
Later Ramesses II had his viceroy of Kush pressgang a group of Tjemeh
into building the Wady es-Sebua temple for him, later in his reign.
So the Tjemeh were still there around 1240 B.C. Most people regard the
Tjemeh as a southern branch of the Libyan population of antiquity.

That round out the picture. So, in conclusion, the Nehsy were the
Kushites who are the people called Kush by the Egyptians.

Most sincerely,

Frank J. Yurco
University of Chicago

Frank Joseph Yurco

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