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Re Cynthia

It is a undeniable fact that many fellahin in the south have negriod admixture and would easily pass for black in America.

It is also fact that there is evidence that the culture of Egypt grew out of black Africa.

Egypt racial compensition has always been dverse and it still is today. However the city dwellers many times iu Egypt are not actually indigenous.

Many of the poorer classes such as the balady,saidis,and fellahin are look down upon by comopolotin Egyptains.

My family lives in bulaq abu Ala so I know what I am talking about.

The 12th dyansty was undeniably black origin since there was a passage called the Phopecies of Neferti,which say that amenty,the amenmenhet I of the 12th dyansty was son of a nubian mother and a Upper egyptain father.

I agree that Afr4ican Americans should focus on Western Africa,but through my reserch of Western Africa I have found many culturally parallels between ancient ta merian culture and that of Ancient egypt.

Alot of times I see on these message boards one egyptain,or suposed egyptian comes to the message board and says they are Egyptain.

Quite personally I am not saying you are not egyptians,but I know very little egyptians named cynthia,or that just could be a pusedoneum you use for this message board.

I have two brothers who live in Arabic countries,and my grandmother was a coptic,but even her name was not cynthia.

If you are Egyptian speak for yourself,don;t speak for all egyptians every where.

What annoys me is you complain about Africans Americans ''stealing culture'',but do very little to protest inaccurate Northern european deplictions of pharoahs.

European Egyptologist have done more to damage the history of Egypt than African Americans have done.

Why not go to the guardian,which is a site run by Zahi Hawass the so called highly educated Egyptologist,western trained and complain to him why he let's the discovery channel show caucasian images of my ancestors.

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