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Fallacy Of Negroid Origin Of Ancient Chinese *LINK*

It seems "Negroid Origin Of Ancient Chinese" had been proposed by Clyde Winters on basis of late professor of Chinese ethnicity by the name of Guang-chih Chang. I had read through writings by dozens of Chinese scholars and never found any corroboration of Guang-chih Chang claims.

In the following, I will attach some of the findings I had derived by interpreting ancient historical writings. I will challenge Winters and the like with presenting recent graphs and photos from Chinese excavations that would show a Negroid skeleton. Should nobody be able to present any hard evidence, then I would say this proposition have no merit.

I had also included ancient writings about Lao Tsu or Lao-zi the Daoist founder, i.e., Lao-ze possessing the yellow beard and he was called the Yellow Elderly. Scan a Chinese history annal and show me where the text would mention that Lao-zi was black and oily.


Chinese Ethnicity:  

Often misinterpreted would be two words in Shi Ji: 'Qian Shou' and 'Li Min'. Qian Shou means dark head. 'Qian' would be used as an alias for Guizhou Province in the south, and it means dark or black. Li Min or Limin means the people whose face had turned darkish and became brown. Both terms were used for designating the lower level people. I noticed one or two claims (including Clyde Winters) on the internet saying that the Chinese people being ruled were of Negroid origin and that the 'Li Min' term validated this fact. This is fallacious the same way as those who claimed that the rulers of China, Zhou or Qin, were of Caucasoid origin and they ruled the Mongoloid people. I deem both sayings as fallacious.


My interpretations would be based on the following quotes and citations. Shi Ji recorded that Qin's second emperor (Huhai) had once rebutted Li Shi's loyalty by citing Lord Yu's hardwork on behalf of Lord Shun. Huhai said that Lord Yu had spent years travelling around the country for sake of flood control and that Lord Yu's face had turned 'li hei', that is, the kind of brownish darkness. Also on record would be Li Shi's self account by calling himself a 'qian shou' or 'qianshou', i.e., a civilian. Haan Fei Zi said that the working people possessed hardened palms and 'li' face as a result of hard work and that they should be ascribed big contributions to the society. Later records in 4-5th century continued to use the word 'li' or 'zheng li' (steaming or sweating li people) for designating the masses.

The blackness, coined in 'Qian Shou' and 'Li Min', was related to the skin, not the hair.

When Qin Mugong repented over his mistake in invading Zheng Principality which had led to the ambush disaster at the Battle of Xiao'er, he used the characters 'huang fa fan fan' (white hair turning yellowish) to describe the high age of his two counsellors, Jian Shu and Baili Xi. Both old men, 80-90 years old, had objected to Mugong's war against Zheng in the first place.

The second example would be the reference to Daoist founder, Lao-zi, as Huang Lao.

Lao-zi was recorded to have grown yellow beard and he was called Huang Lao or the Yellow Elderly.

This shows that ancient Chinese did know the difference between 'huang' (yellow) and black. The universal feature of 'black' hair was not something that would have deserved a special coding in the terms of 'Qian Shou' and 'Li Min'.

'Qian Shou' and 'Li Min' meant nothing other than brownish dark skin as a result of sunlight exposure, not hair !!! Nordic racists would have to stop their over-excitement in here.

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