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Papuan :Jealousy of the competitor

Anyone that thinks the Negro was ever a civilized race of human beings is deeply deluded. The Negroe hates whites only because whites have made the knowledge of Negro inferiority known through science and anthropological studies. The Caucasian revealed what color didn't say. However, the Negroe directed it's jealousy towards the world's races as well. To Arabs,Australians, Meditteraneans,Indians,Even Chinese the Negroe wants to lay claim on everyone's property. They have no culture of their own and envy that of mankind's. When ancient scholars looked at the Negroe the question of them being human came to mind. Benjamin, a Jewish scholar, clearly desribed the inferiority of the Negro when he said there was a race that lived like beast in a field walked about Naked and took their own sisters as sex partners. He saw them more as human-beast than any type of human being. Volteir and others proved the inferiority of the Negro through the disgusting sexual form of their female. Volteir went on a quest to study the Hottentot to prove that the Negroe to be a different species than the caucasian. Especially when their was a rumor that the Hottentot had a vaginal flap. Not only this but in studying the primitiveness of the Negro and their females the Hottento's body was put on display around Europe. The body had the typical broad, poor development of any black female we have seen today. Only the French saw this monstrous figure as delightful. The Negroe's female was described as an incubis so to speak in being of a depraved sexuality.Even today's Negro female see the white image as supreme. They buy hair to try to share the woman image. They even go as far as to bleach their hair blonde and put on pink lipstick which represents the enhanced bloodflow in the lips of an aroused caucasian woman. Sexuality isn't all it is to it but what makes the Negroe think he is civilized or even human when has not advanced despite the huge headstart in existence. Over 200,000 years and all they have to show for themselves is the only thing characterstic of themselves which isconflict and war. Furthermore, Negroes in all that time haven't did anything but wander the Earth ,exscuse me, continent Africa for hundreds of thousands of years in a sleep state accomplishing nothing. Then human beings arrive history start being made and the Negro wants that credit.They didn't know which way was up when the Egyptians made their Pyramids yet they put muscle into it.It was these Egyptians that provided the continent with religion and philosophy as well as the concept of the human soul. The Negro from these guys formed Voodoo, Yoruba, Macumba Be, and other religions that were stolen from meditterranean ideas. It was the Egyptians birth 7000 years ago in Africa that the Negroes leeched and fed off of. It was that period that Africa began to grow.That time when Africa was trodden under new feet and shaped with intelligent palms.The unintelligent Negro didn't even know how to use extracts to create incense. The Arabians use incense as a trade for gold and even SLAVES!How is one suppose to believe they used math when they knew the value of nothing but traded gold and family for incense because they had not the mental ability to produce such a thing. They envy the Indians as well. They try to lead people to believe that the ruled asia and named the rivers yet at the same time the African population was in the Flintstone age.That was where the Negroe was present in actuality. Now the Papuan and Australian are at odds with these guys as well. They are trying to manipulate history into sayng that blacks founded the Asian islands and land masses. Yet, Asia has no parts of them and wants no parts of them. Astralians are on a gigher level of intellect and have produced clothing boomerangs and at least hunt with dogs.The Negro is so primitive that some of them do not even have words but speak in clicks. Many of them don't even have the bow and arrow of Papuans and Native Americans don't even consider the boomerang but rather the spear of the caveman.The Pygmy doesn't use the Basenji of the Egyptian for gazzele or Saluki of Arabia.Instead they actually run their prey down for up to 8 miles and catch it by exhaustion. They do have a human I.Q. of 90 in oppose to the Negroe's of 85. Not only that but they have dream time as thier OWN religion. The Negro has failed to develop in all areas. Papuans has a system of belief and shamanism as well.Certain Papuans also dress in feathery clothing as some of you can see in the latest edition of National Geographics front cover. The Negro has no idea he is naked and neither did they now how to weave to make clothing. You guys see them on T.V. walking about with just the penis covered. The censors even have to treat African photography like a flick scene providing censors. Some Papuans are barely clothed but yet they are clothed with reason. Papuans as we can see will not be classed with some underevolved humanoids of Africa. Papuans are smarter by 11 points as well as aborigines and desire no parts of the Negroe. We have our own. West Papuan is in the hands of Papuans and we never had the sick slave history of the Negro.We never sold ourselves and we never will share their history.We never were slaves though the Dutch made the attempt it didn't succeed.Slaver isn't part of our history it was an attempt.Slavery is part of Israel's history as well as Chinese American history and Indian history under Britain.So what's the issue?The Negro has nothing and what he is not given he will never have. Africa isn't his. He never could see the value of the world's richest continent even when he was there by himself.We have had wars but we never was pushed around and exploited. The negro is "free" today only because of the money they draw with rap and mess like that and in Africa it's worst than yesterday. They carry Ebola,AIDS,and everything nightmares are made of.They try to use some slave event to bond use with them but it will not happen. We are not Negroes but humans. Negroes have nothing but what was taught to them. We were seen as blacks once only due to our darkness but now the world know's better.

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