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It's about time someone else know what really happened on 9/11. It is sad that hardly anyone can see the conspicious chronology of coincidental events with that man they call president George Bush. First controversy is how that guy was elected. Then to his benefit a Sept. 11th took place, with an Arab contry at that, not by the restless South Americans such as the Columbians. In actuality around 80% to 85% of the Europeans know the U.S. really did 9/11 and that is why France's president Chirac or Jirac didn't support the war and vehemently opposed the war. He just never had the balls to tell Bush this to his face. These statistics was aired but briefly showing Europe's opinion and knowledge of 9/11. Iraq ,before it's destruction, and even Germany (though later) said the United States have a plan to break Saudi Arabia in 3 parts. This is why I even thought another Sept.11th may take place to justify an attack on Saudi Arabia and further extend the war march. This is plausible since the U.S. media do everything to build up U.S. hatred of Saudi Arabia.From mentioning how a few people make it across the border to fight Americans when Syria had busloads of fighters sent to Iraq to fight. Even now the U.S. has moved bases from Saudi Arabia to Qatar.However, with such economical hardship with Iraq Bush may be smarter than that. He overestimated world support with Iraq. Yet in today's or yesterdays paper it said Bush may back off of preventing France and the "outsider" to develop contracts with Iraq. If Bush does do this it would have been a waste of time recieving 87 bil from Congress when he could have been made this move for reconstruction with other nations.But his greed was speaking back then. However, if he does get this monetary assistance it would save U.S. money for a possible further war adventure. Possibly Saudi Arabia as mentioned by Iraq and Germany. However, there is never any teeling with these guys just as Kuwait was used to lure Iraq into war by George the 41st, the 43rd may use Taiwan to lure China into war when the Missile Defense System is in place. I believe George has an appetite for China anyway as well as a further oil annexation. But the issue is affordability and possible similiar and unfimiliar setbacks. Some one mentioned a nuclear attack on L.A. in spring as a cause for a future war and put Marshall Law in place. I don't know personally but I wouldn't rule it out and it is something to look at. I don't know about the search warrant thing that was mentioned though. I mean they didn't do it for Michael Jackson and it ineffective because it was part of the Patriot Act 2 which itself is being modified because of popular opposition defeating the Act. as far as 2004 this guy call Farrakhan believe that the U.S. will target him start killing African Americans and other Negro Americans because of their influence on American culture.He also said the U.S. had a 60 period of grace from 1934 which gives 1994, but not to extend beyond 10 more which gives 2004. A five percenter also said 2004 represents the return of the mothership that host the 24 elders mentioned in revelations. Another one wrote a book that said something about a race war that will shut down the caucasian race's(dragon's) world rule. I know that Saturn was close to Earth in the bringing of the New Year and that Saturn represents similiar spiritual attributes as Mars. Not only that but the Nibiru or planet X will have a great pull in our constellation around spring of 2004. I really don't know what to say for sure. It seems to be a year of strange enough sudden change. Everyone and their predictions how it come and go will just show who is a Dionne Warwick and who is Nastradamus.

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Congratulations!!! *LINK*
Re: Congratulations!!!Pretty cool post

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