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Sympathy for Black Liberals

There is one thing black liberals and conservatives have in common is that we can all be subject to be called a sell out. For black conservatives it can often be more severe, however there is a also a danger to a Black liberal. I have noticed liberal minorities who are still held subject to the same criticisms as conservatives, which is the idea that one can sell out or be an uncle tom. To point to some of the great people of color on your website like the Egyptians, Kushites, and timbuktu. Did god not make Soloman the wisest and richest man in the world. Isn't possible that the white man is trying to be black.

Yet, no matter your political ideology a person of color faces the possibility of being called sell out. For example, Bryant Gumble a black liberal yet because of his proper speaking can receive similar criticism. Liberal Bill Cosby's recent criticism of African Americans and the liberal leaders. Yet, even as Cosby is a liberal he faces a danger in criticizing the establishment.

Condescention from some white liberals who are so surprised how well spoken Jesse Jackson's children were. Of course they would be well spoken if you went to the finest prep school in Washington D.C. Some white liberals in hollywood also make it hard for a diversity black movies to be made. White liberals continue to produce and fund the same kind of blaxploitation seen for years. Spike Lee has commented on how he barely had enough money produce his Malcolm X film.

Affirmative Action is given too much success for the success of blacks. There is no Affirmative Action for graduating from college or passing courses. The rise of the black middle class began before Affirmative Action. W.EB. DuBois gained A P.H.D. from Harvard way before there was any Affirmative Action. Blacks before Affirmative Action and after Affirmative Action from having an Affirmative Attitude.

There is also seemed to be limit to the power of a black liberal. I wonder how willing Bill Clinton was in returning Jesse jackson's phone calls. I would also like to remind you of the Clinton's Sister Souljah comment.

My point is that the rise of the new Black conservatives should be viewed as a good thing for adding diversity in the community and to be critical of the mistakes of the liberal establishment. Black Liberals and conservatives should unite together in the goal of uplifting the black community. Because Black liberals and conservatives face similar obstables.

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