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One of the most insulting events occurred a few months ago when thousands of Nigerians, Ghanians and other West Africans were lynched, attacked and killed in the streets of Libya, an Arab nation. Yet Africans continue to allow the Arab extermination of Blacks in Sudan and Mauritania, Arab racism and apartheid/racism in Zanzibar and parts of East Africa, and Arab mischief in some of the wars in West Africa. The time has long past for Black Africans to realise two things. (1) Arabs are Caucasians whose racism and religious imperialism is responsible for the destruction of African civilizations (see the essay "African War Against the Arabs," (2) The Arabs and other Semites will never respect Black Africans and will continue to use their henchmen in Sudan and elsewhere to continue the extermination of Black Africans so they can depopulate the continent of Blacks and occupy it, as thy have done in Northern Africa. Hence, the solution is for the unification of BLACK AFRICANS/PAN-NEGRO PEOPLES all over the world to unite in the fight to stop what is an ancient war of genocide against Blacks which began with the invasion of Nubia by the Arab armies during the 600's A.D. Although they were defeated, they continued harrassment and imposed enslavement on Blacks, destroying the Great Nubian Kingdom and occupying much of Sudan today, while imposing their religion and culture on the region.

The unification of Africa was an important step, yet for some reasons it seems that some Africans are still unaware of Arab intentions in Africa which has been the same since the invasions of Egypt during the six hundreds a.d. When one looks at a map of the world and sees Sudan, Somalia and a numnber of Black nations suddenly classified as "Arab," one has to wonder what are Africans/Blacks worldwide doing to stop this swollowing of African lands, extermination of African people, enslavement and destroying of African men, women and chiildren, and imposing of non-African religions and culture that is totally against African traditions on Africans.

What does that say, that we as Blacks will follow the cultures and religions of people like sheep, simply because we think their religions are better?


The main problem in Africa today is one of alien occupation of African lands, alien control of African resources and alien control of the African mind. African religions MUST BE REESTABLISHED ALL OVER THE AFRICAN CONTINENT AND RELIGIONS THAT PROMOTE THE CULTURE, BELIEFS AND RACISM OF OTHER PEOPLES SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.

The same religious concepts such as the lie called "the curse of Ham," used by the Semitic religions to justify slavery of Blacks is used to justy and promote/practice Arab and European racism against Blacks under the guise of religious teachings.
Any religion that calls for the enslavement of Africans or whose practicioners justy and practice the enslavement of Africans or anyone else should be eliminated from the consciousness of Blacks.

The same beliefs that are used to enslave Blacks in Sudan and Mauritania are used to occupy the lands of Blacks in Indonesia, Iryan Jaya and elsewhere. Slavery and kidnapping of Blacks in SE Asia, Melanesia, Papua-New Guinea has been going on for centuries and has been carried out by people who use the very same religious beliefs they use to justify their occupation and destruction of the Nubas, Dinkas, Nubians and other Africans in Sudan, Mauritania, East Africa and elsewhere.


The original African religions such as Shango, Imbanda, Vadu, Condomble, Lucumi and even the ancient African Coptic Christian religion found in Nubia (which the Arabs are trying to eliminate) and Ethiopia are religions that contribute to the mental, psychological and spiritual needs of Africans. These religions deal with aspects of our being. When we observe the forces of nature and the power of the human mind and human capabilities in Shango, Vadu or Condomble, we recognize our devine powers, bestowed upon us by the Devine Mind (God), instead of kneeling before the statue of what is supposed to be some god imposed on us by people who continue to apply racism and enslavement on Black people on a worldwide scale.

Obviously, it is true there needs to be a reformation in African Spiritualist Religions (see the essay, "Harry Potter and the Black Origins of Magic,"
For example, religions such as Condomble of Brail, Shango of Trinidad, Vadu of Haiti, African Spiritualism practiced in West and Southern Africa and the religions of the Black Dalits of India and the Blacks of the Pacific/Melanesia should be unified. There should be a system of rules, lore, traditions, writings, sacred texts to store the sacred knowledge and a system of temples and architecture. THERE SHOULD BE A REFORMATION IN TRADITIONAL AFRICAN RELIGION. For example some teachings should be refined such as depending on our ancestors (as we depend on Christ for all our needs, while sitting on our backs waiting). We should say, "with the guidance of our ancestors, we shall work harder," rather than believing, "God the ancestors will provide," therefore we need not work hard or strive for improvement.

In retrospect, as long as Africans/Blacks worldwide continue to allow the religions and cultures of others to permeate our minds, destroy our cultures, corrupt our morality, we will always be slaves to Arabs in Sudan and Mauritania, Indonesia and the South Pacific. We will always be used by missionaries from religions such as Mormism whose texts and writings still contain statements that some say are very insulting to Blacks, yet whose religion is spreading in Africa, as if they realize Africans have no time to think, but will accept anybody's religion, including those that say Blacks are "cursed."

Africa and the Black world from Latin America through the Caribbean and the U.S. to Africa, Dalit India, Melanesia, Australia and elsewhere must bring into being a world Black cultural and spiritual renaissance (see African Renaissance.... ) Religion more than any other ideology digs deep into the essence of human spirituality and being. How can we be who we are if we are permeated with the religious beliefs invented by other people, speaking their languages, wearing their attire, following their holidays and brutalizing our own people because they (the religious imperialists) hate us and told us too (as in Sudan).

The time has come to return to our own religions and culture. The key is reforming beliefs that ar4e outdated, preserving and improving what will contribute to the progress of Blacks worldwide. THE ESSENCE OF AFRICAN RELIGION IS BELIEF IN SELF AND BELIEF IN THE POWER OF THE DEVINE MIND (GOD) WITHIN US. With such belief, we will never feel inferior to anyone, we will never sit aside and watch invaders and religious imperialists swallow our motherland and exterminate our relatives (as some Africans are sitting back while Arab religious imperialism and racism destroys Africans), we will work to earn and take our place in the world as a great people, as we were before our minds become confused and our objectives changed.

Pianke Nubianem

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