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Re: Black man BEWARE of Conversion! Don't be Foole

While we may have hatred in our hearts for what RADICAL Islam represents, we must first remember one thing about our African ancestors. Islam was chosen as the lesser of two evils with the Catholic Church the greater. Islam was also accepted to facilitate trade, after all "they had to eat." It is my contention that Islam intends to continue on its course of evil also for one reason: THEIR HATRED and their smiles must keep us always on guard. We need history in context to understand what the Bible is telling us about our world. I do believe the Quran was divinely inspired just as the Bible remains a document of progressive prophesies if we know how to read the parables. However, I believe the reason the Bible was written in PARABOLIC LANGUAGE was to prove who are the thieves of his word. Where the Quran talks about Noah and it is revealed that Noah is the spirit of an ANGEL/GOD proclaiming the coming curse of the religion of Islam and also the slave-trade as the flood, then who in the end can stand on his book (image of God)?

The African who accepted Islam did so like people will when faced with extortion or death; so which is better. Pay the poll tax and live. Become a Muslim and go along to get along and live to see another day. If we pay attention we will see this is what is considered by radical Islam as the weakness of all men who submit to its foundation of destruction. The contention that Ishmael as Abrahamís first son as explained in the Bible makes Ishmael outside of the inheritance of Isaac. This is the absolute truth. By using Urim and Thummim, Ishmael = 4320, Keturah = 4320, and Judaism = 432. Without the Urim and Thummim we wouldnít be able to see that those who call themselves Muslims by way of Mahomet are really those who were intended to inherit Judaism. This was not the inheritance of the children of Isaac, for from Isaac came Jacob and from Jacob came the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Jesus would come to fulfill the laws of Judaism (432) so the Book of the Law (6220800) found by King Josiah (432) in 622 B.C., would by virture of the Cross (162) be the inheritance of those not called to Christ.

I believe that G-d in his infinite wisdom created the cross (162) as the cursed (1620) Atlantic (1620) slave trade where cross is 162 and cursed is 162 x 10 = 1620 A.D. I believe this is also the flood that Noah (Atmon) tells us about in the Bible. Think about it: Length = 300. Breadth = 50. Height = 30. 300 x 50 x 30 = 450,000. There were first, second and third levels, so each level was 150000 inches, divided by 21.6 cubits, or three levels of 6944 cubits. This measurement would allow that each stolen African would have approximately 21.6 inches of body height, and as much room for containment as their bodies touched.

I firmly believe that G-d intended for the African to become enslaved to prove a horrible point that few people are willing to accept. Were not the Africans of the modern era the descendants of the very ancient Egyptians, would the Bible in its PARABOLIC LANGUAGE be SHOUTING to us to LISTEN! There can be no true understanding of history without religion at that base. We can argue from now until the return of Jesus Christ but do we want to know the truth and be set free? There is not enough room here to permit more points of consideration regarding the language but please reread your Bible from this perspective and see if you see it.

Arguing with radicals is pointless, but arguing with radical Muslims is like eating dung according to Ezekiel. Once we understand that there are angels in the world who still want the human experiement to fail, we will also understand that all angels have evolved or devolved into some type of human form as told to us in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. As Osiris put it he is the form of God in the world and as his spirit awaits resurrection, we must ask ourselves how this African deity, Osiris became other than the great ANGEL/GOD OF AFRICA.

I am amazed that modern scholars seem to take pleasure in ridiculing the ancient Egyptians about what they have decided is paganism, when there are identical ANGEL/GOD figures that went out of Africa into Greece, Babylonia, Jerusalem, Arabia, etc. Why is it that the ancient Egyptian is the butt of jokes of being uncivilized when everyone wanted what they already knew?

Here are my last points for consideration: Does anyone know why the ancient Egyptians built boats for the underworld? I mean really know - like in the heart knowing....Well, my heart tells me they knew a great deal more than what the scholars think they think they knew. As far as I am concerned the boats represent the slave ships that the Egyptian priests knew would arrive one day on the shores of Africa and spirit away their descendants in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. They built boats to find us in all points of the compass to which we were taken. They built boats to what the scholars called the underworld, but which history teaches us was the New World of the years 1619-20 A.D.

Osiris stated he would find his ka or double in the underworld and that can only mean one thing: Hatshepsut represented Osiris in 1458 B.C. and it has been surmised she was the Pharoah of the Exodus, right? Well, let's go one better and put Hatshepsut as the form of Osiris on one of the slave ships of 1458 A.D. navigated by the Portugese and the picture changes doesn't it? Where the ANGEL SPIRITS of Africa have been made into gods and demi-gods of an uncivilized people, the truth is that in the idea of the resurrection of Osiris or Osirus as the form of a new egg (by conception: ovum), the reading of the Egyptian Book of the Dead takes on a new life of meaning that is totally revelant to the African who became an African-American.

Go back and read about the 'CROOK' and "FLAIL' and read what scholars say it represents. But then think about this whose history has been stolen and who are the crooks; whose ancestors were subject to the whip called an instrument that was used to divide wheat from chaff? If you don't see the Bible in this then you are accepting lies and your own salvation from them. If evoluntionary science declares that AFRICA is the MOTHER of all living, then as EVE of the Bible, the mitochondria DNA to be recognized is the last AFRICAN WOMAN of the United States of America whose seed is about to die out and leave Osirus no form of his own to be returned to by the ancient way of thinking.

The Urim and Thummim I have done on Osiris and Osirus and Africa play out this way:

OSIRUS = 1458
OSIRIS = 4374
AFRICA = 1458

And if this doesnít get you thinking the word REVELATION = 1458000!

So, if you think about it from the point of view that when the world was of one language and one speech and that world was Egypt, it is not difficult to understand how the semitic languages primarly Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac changed the old Egyptian words into several versions of words that originally had Egyptian meanings. The fact that Iraq (Babylonia) is now considered the first civilization because it meets the criterion of what is civilized should not deter the student of ancient Egyptian knowledge to put Egypt a close second on the ladder of civilizations. Language is a tricky thing as anyone who has English as a second language can tell. What we have neglected to do when reading the Bible is to heed the warnings found throughout it about these language changes. The Book of Ezra is a prime source for these changes of language. However, there is a way to know the truth and that is the ancient skill of Urim and Thummim. I believe G-d has blessed me to find the synonyms of these languages that were assumed by so many other ancient civilizations, which language corruptions has created the belief by many African Americans that the Bible in itself is corrupt rather than corrupted by languages.

aluta continua...(the struggle continues)

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Re: Black man BEWARE of Conversion! Don't be Foole
Re: Black man BEWARE of Conversion! Don't be Foole
Re: Black man BEWARE of Conversion! Don't be Foole
Re: Black man BEWARE of Conversion! Don't be Foole

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