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I used the word neo for a very good reason, everyone on this board babbles constantly about the past and Iím sick of it already. I personally believe in the new world and I believe that people now should also embrace the new world. What I mean about the new world is that the world as we know it today has been shaped by its past and that past cannot be undone. I was watching a movie and one man said to another "the past makes you who you are today donít make it your burden tommorrow" it is very true white people are evil yes. Iím sure many of you and agree, but people are not and if I do recall white people are also people. Past is no longer your burden because it made you who you are. Do you think that white people are ever going to stop this; the answer is no they will not. You must understand we are all guilty and in the world we live into day we all contribute to the mess. The past is a result of you being born. Ask yourself how much of this past concerns me. Then ask yourself this how much of the past concerns my future. Thatís the problem you canít have one without the other placing my statement in error. This is the problem the one that benefited from the past is the one that donít carry the burden the ones that donít benefit from the past reap no benefit. This is the where the confusion lies, the ones that didn't benefit are stereotyped in a category as being as "it is wrong and they must pay". The ones that did benefit have to live with the burden of continuing this past to maintain their present (greed). Using America as an example you have the oppressed African and Native Americans and other minorities stereotyped in the category as white taken every thing form us. But what u fail to realize is that all these minorities where affected in many different way. Which shape the very concept of your views today such as the ones you post on the internet today. Using blacks as example they are stereotyped as fat lazy good for noting slobs. Which people fail to realize they are the very backbone of this country. bringing you back to the present blacks have a very fucked up disposition the very thing they were force to create is the very thing they want today that many fight for. The problem is that it is what all you on this site that are against whites for is the very thing that you believe is rightfully yours. Whatís wrong with that? Whatís wrong is that itís not what you want, but since white people have made it so in retaliation out of spite you desire it. and believe it or not because of this many white people suffer for this and many whites born today will never be able to grow up and have what you have, and that is a free mind. White people sold themselves to the devil for power like all people u reap what you sow. Because of this whites are on top and will continue to exploit any resource to be that way. Whites now are scrapping the bottom of the barrel and now it is our chance to stop what is then racism and conquest is now what is called greed. Everyone now takes apart in this because of its value you desire it past all means of nature. What human beings are doing now is destroying the nature of its world and later mankind. Back to being black, the white man now less of a racist and now a glutton gladly participate in the acts of repressed black men and women. Blacks donít stop it clamming it as their own. This world was built on greed and thatís what youíre left with. This makes it to where blacks have no identity hence blacks. Struggling to find their identities, no one wants to look to find their identity to that sort of past. But whites can. You have to look to the future and believe in the identity of nature and not stereotyped concepts. You just going to have to take bad with the good. The African American is now an native American not a black but an American. Now it is your jobs to face the past of your ancestors (all people) and rise up. One last thing. Remember the world you live into today is nothing but a shell of what it used to be. Not just blacks but all people are born in a world were every thing is already a given. The price for that is horrific. What you give up is the chance to learn and grow and see the world through your own eyes. Remember that you grow up and mature into a beautiful person, you grow up and mature with an education in this world you spend the remainder of your maturity back tracking to find yourself broken scattered among the barren lands in which you inhabit. Studying the world's past and present to fill the emptiness inside that was lost in maturity.

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