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Imposter, Puppet or Freedom Fighters

The events that have occurred since the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11 have forced many people to examine who are the imposters, puppets or freedom fighters.

Western governments have shown themselves to be imposters because of their clear double standards. These governments support a war against Afghanistan for harboring terrorists, but did not consider that their military and secret service activities to destabilize other governments around the world are indeed terrorist activities. They are not encouraging third world countries to adopt independent positions because they are claiming that if countries don't support them in their war against terrorism then these countries are siding with the terrorist. These western governments are not honest enough to admit to the terrorism that they practice, so while they point fingers at other people many more fingers are pointing back at them.

Arab governments have shown themselves to be puppets because many of them depended on, and continue to depend on western support to maintain power and live in luxury while ordinary people, who are their true supporters, remain materially deprived. These Arab governments find it very difficult to take a stand against their colonial masters and extreme expressions of western hypocrisy.

In this world scenario the true freedom fighters are emerging from among poorer people and student populations. Many poor people generally have to still struggle and work hard for whatever they want regardless of the material position of their respective countries. So these poorer people, when given access to enough information, are in the best position to recognize the hypocrisy of western governments and the parasitic nature of many Arab regimes.

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