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Open Questions to Aynide

"Also American leaders have a policy of concealing their wrongs from their population and after numerous years then Americans admit a wrong was committed. They only hide it from Americans; they cannot hide it from the victims."

I have reviewed the posts you have made and while I totally disagree with your points with the exception of one above (because the rest seems to me to be irrational) I am curious about the source of these views since you hold so fiercely to them. I have asked before and I ask again show me proof in the form of references that I can research (not other people’s analysis of facts I don’t know who they are or how they arrived at their conclusions so I would prefer documented facts).

Clearly we have strong differing views so let’s agree to disagree.

Apart from that I have these questions:
(1) “People elect leaders to act on their behalf and as such they are responsible when these leaders abuse their authority.”
> What legal basis do you make this claim (I would appreciate legal references)?
> How is this fair to people who voted against the elected government?
> How can this be considered morally right if the person elected, being human and as such capable of making mistakes and succumbing to wrong influences, ruled fairly and later began ruling unfairly? Surely those voted for him could not know in advance that the person they voted for would be unfair. We expect leaders to be responsible. But we have no guarantee that they would be.

Other thoughts

If your point was to be the rule of sins not being passed on then America could continue doing wrongs and hiding the files from Americans until the victims die (classified), as they presently do, then you would claim they are absolved because they lied and denied the act for years and the initial victim is dead.

My point was that the person who committed criminal acts should be held responsible however if that person is dead true justice cannot be served and to attack an innocent amounts to injustice.

These questions are to clarify your position implied in your posts and to understand the application of your view [(1) above] on a wider scale

Is it fair to say that you are Anti-American or is your bone of contention with the American Government and not the people of America?

Why do you restrict your comments of terrorism to America when clearly there are different parts of the world where terrorism exist?

Considering your views as indicated in point (1) above since all governments do wrong do you hold yourself and everyone in every country as responsible for their wrong? If so, how do feel this issue should be addressed?

I appreciate the time taken in your response.

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