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Re: They who play GOD
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Is GOD “alone”above the law does the US and the Europeans behave otherwise?
David/Carol; it beats me how you volunteer to rebut Re: hey who play GOD.
By what authority you found your fancy words in the hope to vilify me for my opinion?
I ask "by what authority" because you are asking for facts.
As for Carol since when you became and evidence specialist, it is amazing to learnt how someone can in such short and abbreviated manner place history. Lets say that I must entertain you both in the hope that the former "David" self-appointed psychologist and our evidence specialist Carol.
Why the EU Israel and the US fail to attend this years Durban conference on racism, Why did US failed to ratify the world/international court?
On whose authority they reject outright reparations to US (you are damn right that I am angry) but that doesn't move my head of my shoulder and into billions worth of killing apparatus/agents.

There isn't a nation from the developing countries that haven't experience witnessed or have not been a victim of European/American extra judicial behavior to say the least.
Where on this planet do you lie, Mr. David I am certain, if you were to conduct a very basic check “it is that simple so I would not complicate the exercise by using the word research” on any recent history of any peoples nations in your region alone whereby you could not stumble on proof that warranted the much held opinion the US/EU nations held themselves above all of humanity by their actions policy and conduct.
It is a fact that one cannot hold the US responsible for all the mischief on the planet since the slave trade but chances are you most likely will uncover that they had a hand in the worst kinds and conservatively 90% involvement in all conflicts in the last 50 years) It appears to me that you like many other subjects are eager to put that stage behind you without contemplating justice to me my parents and my people.

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