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Re: They who play GOD

David You damn right I am an agry PERSON and any sane person will be every time these perpetrators raise their decietfull heads in the name of freedom civilization and humanitarianism.
What proof do you really want.
Nazism was a human catastrophe that, unfortunately, had a precedent: the policy that colonial Europe applied to indigenous (i.e., non-white) people over a period of five centuries. What Hitler did to white people had been done by other Europeans to the American Indians (60 out of 80 million were killed outright or through forced labor and epidemics) and to Africans (between 28 and 35 million were exported as slaves. Africa was robbed of 280 to 350 million of its inhabitants, since ten people had to be killed for one to be taken alive during capture by the slave-dealers.). The myth suited everybody. To speak of the greatest genocide in history was, for the Western colonialists, to have their own above-mentioned crimes forgotten and a way for Stalin to mask his own ferocious repression. It helped the Anglo-American leaders deflect attention from the Dresden massacre (February 1945), which used phosphorus bombs to burn some 200,000 civilians alive within a few hours (no military purpose was served, since the German army was being pushed back all along the Eastern front before the lighting-quick advance of the Soviet army, which had reached the Oder by January). It helped the United States even more, for it had just dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, resulting in xx over 200,000 people killed and almost 150,000 injured, doomed with-in a given lapse of time. >> Source: de la Corce, Une guerre inconnue, 535. The ends were not nulitary but political. As early as 1948, Chur-chill wrote in his History of the Second World War (Volume VI): xx It would be false to suppose that the fate of Japan was decided by the atom-ic bomb. >> The American admiral, William A. Leahy, confirmed this in his book 1 Was There: << In my opinion, the use of that barbaric weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not much use in the war against Japan. >> And indeed, the emperor of Japan, Hirohito, had already engaged negotiations for the surrender of his country as early as 21 May 1945 with the Soviet Union (which was not yet at war with japan), through the intermediary of the Japanese n-dnister of for-eign affairs and the Soviet ambassador Malik. (> Source: Ibid., 532.
x< The Japanese intentions were perfectly well-known in Washington: "lik gave an account of the correspondence between the minister of Foreign Affairs and his correspondent in Moscow. >>
Source: Ibid., 553.
The goal pursued was not military but, rather, political, as the American aviation minister, Finletter, adn-iitted. He explained that atomic bombs were used to knock out Japan before Russia's entry into war.
Source: Saturday Review of Literature (5 June 1994).
In the same source, Admiral Leahy concluded: << By being the first to use the atomic bomb, [we have] stooped to the moral level of the bar- barians of the Middle Ages ... This new and terrible weapon, which is used for an uncivilized war, is a modern barbarity unworthy of Christians. >>
Thus all those leaders, which a genuine international court made up of neutral countries would have placed with the war criminals alongside Coering and his gang, found an unhoped-for alibi-the gas chambers, the holocaust, and the genocide-that could justify, if not eradicate, their own crimes against humanity.
W. F. Albright, the American historian and director of the Amer- ican School of Oriental Research, wrote in his De 1'age de pierre a la chri@tientd.. Le monothi@isme et son evolution (French trans.: Ed. Payot 1951), after having justified Joshua's sacred exterminations in Canaan (p. 205): << We Americans have perhaps ... less right to judge the Israelites ... since we exterminated thousands of Indians in every cor- ner of our great land, and have parked the ones that remained in vast con- centration camps. >>
The term holocaust, applied to the same tragedy Horn the 1970s on, based on the book La Nuit (1958), and made famous by the title of the film Holocaust, shows even more clearly a specific goal: to tum the crime conunitted.against the Jews into an exceptional event that cannot be compared. with the massacre of other victims of Nazism or with any other crime in history-because their suffering and their dead have a sacred character. The Larousse Universel (Paris: 1969, 772)
Isn't Panama, El Salvadore, Peru, Chilli, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Libya, Iraq Opps! Iv'e got to stop here I don't want to over load the Mr. Public defender.

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Re: They who play GOD

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