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Re: The First Terrorists

Mr.David, here is some real evidence....
Indeed the US made the first move or the only move to over throw a sovereign government.
Now say what you like no country has the right to violently overthrow any government beyond it’s boarders much less install another.
I am shocked to see 1b Muslims humbled to this Neo-colonial rhetoric while women and children are bombed because of their belief and origins.
No authority at present or in the future can ever convince me otherwise that this war is/was against terrorism or is just in any way.
To the contrary every state, every statesman, public servant, scholar, teacher, preacher, writer, artist, Under/Postgraduate, Who/whatever that side within any degree in agreement with the US and its Allies on the current cowardly and merciless act of bombardment on Afghanistan is in fact a terrorist.
Let it be known that 99.9% are ignorant to the facts that set off this human catastrophy.
Look at your children your grand children your old folks your fresh teenagers then reflect at their counterpart in Afghanistan and tell me if that which the UN have sanction, that which the US and Britain have created the bombing, I don’t care if it is indiscriminate or targeted, if we would like it to happen in them/us.
God forbid! How a society that tries to impose God on everyone in the world have calculated such murderous conduct in pursuit of OIL whilst doing it with malicious and grievous intent to cause pain and death.
What sick and depraved mind will destroy his own to achieve economic and geographical domination….Only the untouchables, this is the hallmark of a real terrorist!
Israel Britain America and France have had a history of blood on their hands that history proves incomparable within the past 100 years not even natural disasters have measured to their misdeeds against God’s creation.
It is a murderous calculating machine that is sowing the seeds of its own destruction.
The beginning of US assaults on Afghanistan on October 7, killing scores of people, may have little to do directly with the attacks on September 11 in New York and Washington, despite claims to the contrary. There is evidence— much more credible than the ‘evidence’ marshalled against Usama bin Ladin so far — that the US had decided as early as last June to attack Afghanistan. This was mentioned even by Tony Blair, prime minister of Britain, in his address to the House of Commons (the lower house of Britain’s parliament) on October 4, when he admitted that the US had told the Taliban in June to hand Usama over or face the consequences. Well-informed sources in Peshawar say that Taliban officials mentioned the possibility of an American attack by October on numerous occasions.
As the anti-Taliban/anti-Usama propaganda campaign went into overdrive, especially in the US, information emerged that as early as 1999 the US had plotted to kill Usama bin Ladin. CNN, the American cable news network, has confirmed that former president Bill Clinton made a secret deal with Nawaz Sharif, the former Pakistani prime minister, to send special forces into Afghanistan to capture or kill Usama. On October 5 Sandy Berger, Clinton’s national security advisor, admitted in an interview with Wolf Blitzer that such a plan had indeed been made, although he refused to give details. Instead Berger said that the "assets" — meaning co-operation and logistical support, especially from Pakistan — that are available now had not been available then. The plan was shelved when Nawaz Sharif was deposed by a military coup in October 1999.
That the US has been working since August 1998 on a covert plan to kill Usama and overthrow the Taliban is not in doubt. What specific shape the plan would take, and its timing, depended on a number of factors, the most important being the proper political climate. Whipping up mass hysteria after demonising an alleged villain (country or person) are essential pre-requisites for such a campaign: "manufacturing consent," in the words of Noam Chomsky, a well-known analyst and critic of American foreign policy. The attacks on September 11 thus provide the perfect backdrop against which an enraged and gullible public could be persuaded to support such action. With the US media (led by CNN) and their instant "experts" giving fact-free opinions about the events of September 11, the American public was soon baying for revenge and blood from Usama bin Ladin and the Taliban. One cannot help but doubt whether, had the Israeli secret service, Mossad, been suspected of being behind the outrage, the US would bomb Israel.
Further credence to the US’s long-term intention of attacking Afghanistan was given by a report in India Today, an Indian newsmagazine, as early as 26 June, 2001. That article quotes Chokila Iyer, the Indian foreign secretary, saying that India would "facilitate" US and Russian plans for military action against the Taliban. Ms Iyer made her remarks after attending the second Indo-Russian joint working group on Afghanistan. India Today also revealed that the attack would be carried out from Tajikistan, where American advisors were already operating. It has now become clear that the Central Asian republics were part of the American plan to attack Afghanistan long before September 11.
When Condoleesa Rice, US national security advisor, stated on CNN on September 23 that America would use whatever means it had at its disposal to overthrow the Taliban regime, she was merely confirming what had already been discussed several months earlier in Berlin among the UN Contact Group of countries on Afghanistan. Officials from Afghanistan’s six neighbors — Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan — and from the US and Russia, meeting in mid-July, had heard American officials talk about such a possibility. The US wanted to launch an attack on Afghanistan to capture or kill Usama bin Ladin and Mullah Omar, overthrow the Taliban government and install

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Re: The First Terrorists
Re: The First Terrorists

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