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A Clear and present danger!

Draconian approval the rest follow

Chief Chitto Harjo once Said: "I had made my home here with my people, and I was living well out here with my people. We were all prospering. We had a great deal of property here, all over this country. We had come here and taken possession of it under our treaty. We had laws that were living laws, and I was living here under the laws.... I was living here in peace and plenty with my people and we were happy."
But while the Indians were prospering on this sheltered island, white settlement was sweeping like a tidal wave over the mountains to the Pacific. The survival rate remains remarkable after encroachment by a more numerous and aggressive race.

The US have sign in to effect new laws that invariably nullify the American constitution signaling an end to Democracy for Americans or is it for the European settlers after all the OTHERS never really benefited.
I mean if there was freedom for all then there's no need for equal opportunity, a civil rights bill, and affirmative action.
Now Congress is no longer playing with words (in the American terminology.. philibustering).
Sitting-Bull, Dull-Knife, Geronimo, No Horns, Crazy Horse, Tenskawatawa, Little Wolf, Tecumseh, Opotthle, Osceola, Cocheese, Young Chief, of the Apaches, Sioux, Wichitas Blackfeet, Cherokees, Comanches Crows ... Shawnces, Shoshonis, Choetaws, Zunis Cheyennes, and the Arapabos had they been alive they would have said to us, that we told you so. The settlers spoke with Falk (4) tongue.
When that barely Under-Grade C Pupil was on the campaign trail he had said that the Secret Evidence Act was not the American way, little that Arab Asian Afro Hispanic ‘Muslim’ Americans knew that Bush had something even more draconian in mind i.e. Ashcroft (Anti?) Terrorism Bill. Whilst on the trail he staunchly supported the death penalty, as Governor of Texas where 85 % executions are colored while some may have either been innocent or judge harshly.

This Bill is to fight evil and to protect America and its citizens; but we see in most US/British backed countries the lead have been baton was passed at warp speed
In Malaysia 48 were arrested today including two journalists as they attempt to deliver a memorandum seeking to warn the authority of prison abuse and detention without trial of political detainees.
Britain promise Malaysia hundreds of millions worth of sophisticated electronic listening device and surveillance equipment in exchange for its support in bombing the Taliban from government.
Malaysia’s role in the Alliance is to do the least of what is expected from other Countries such as Turkey Arab Nations Pakistan India Indonesia, which is to shut its mouth… Tony Blair pointedly noted to George Bush that “we” needed something to tame Mahathir’s loud mouth.
In Jordan hundreds have been arrested Turkey the same Egypt some have been already sentenced to death just for affiliation through biological or mutual relations, faithful Muslims is the prime target second in line are journalist.
The crackdown is picking up steam as the US and Britain touts its fascist terrorism laws, laws from every indication will eventually out law Islam and all other peoples that wage legitimate struggles in the nature that it is bought on them by the State.
These sad events, are "the latest reminder of the difficulty American /British policy-makers face in trying to work their will, no matter how benevolent, on other nations. 'These doctrines require no argument and resist mountains of counter-evidence. On occasion, the pretense collapses under its manifest absurdity. It is then permissible to recognize that we were not always so benevolent and so profoundly dedicated to democracy as we are today. The regular appeal to this convenient technique of "change of course' over many years elicits not ridicule, but odes to US/British unfailing benevolence, as we set forth on some new campaign to 'defend democracy.'

The primary targets of the manufacture of consent are those who regard themselves as "the more thoughtful members of the community,' the 'intellectuals,' the "opinion leaders." An official of the Truman administration remarked, "It doesn't make too much difference to the general public what the details of a program are. What counts is how the plan is viewed by the leaders of the community"; he "who mobilizes the elite, mobilizes the public,' one scholarly study of public opinion concludes. The "'public opinion' that Nixon and his advisers took seriously, and diligently sought to cultivate,' was that of the elite of "opinion leaders," the "foreign policy public," diplomatic historian Thomas Paterson observes'; and the same is true consistently, apart from moments when a "crisis of democracy" must be overcome and more vigorous measures are required to relegate the general public to its proper place. At other times they can be satisfied, it is hoped, with diversions and a regular dose of patriotic propaganda, and fulminations against assorted enemies.

Security “police-FBI” services can now use robbery; brake-in, electronic surveillance and racial profiling without fear of legal backlash win or lose.

As I have pointed out before; the United States is a cold calculating machinery that sows the seeds of it inevitable destruction.

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