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Re: Lies/ the administration view this information

What you do outside you bound to bring it home.
As we all know charity begins at home so too are the value systems we desperately try to conceal in the name of "I am just doing my JOB".
Drugs coming into the US was always a controlled supervised affair after all it was meant for a targeted segment of American society and until it happened to reach into the hands of the children of the rich & famous and the upper middle-class then the US government agencies felt the need to try and put a stop on the smuggling/import.
The Italian Mafia for example would murder any of its delivery-boys who were made out to be pushing dope to no whites in and outside of the US.
Drugs is effectively a destroyer of lives and society than racial segregation is, in fact more so, to-boot.
(Orchestrated/controlled) Anarchy and turmoil have been the foundation pretext for building America...if Hollywood could not do the JOB then the state agencies came into action and when the impact on US interest abroad was not impressive then 'simple' we do it at home.....Examine carefully the US embassy bombings in Africa and the 1983 German disco bombings that killed Black servicemen.
Who were the handlers of US ammunition storage facilities working under stressful dangerous conditions during WWII?
Ask Oliver North where did he took Reagan and Bush drugs and who gave him the diplomatic and federal cover.

What the DEA/CIA has done abroad it will not shy away from doing at home. The most successful in history is Sep 11, 2001. Congress with the exception of one person maybe the only one with insight not to mention courage surrendered instantaneously even on matters yet to be brought before the house.
1)The issue of Anthrax as we see it, it is too controlled to obvious and at the same time overdone by the media.
2)The Administration was far too cautious and circulative "still is" in it's response.
The American Administration of hysteria, sympathy, and mass-murder is all to apparent in it's drive for public approval whenever it needs to achieve any hidden agenda that certainly will not get pass the general public not even congress.

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Re: Lies/ the administration view this information

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