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See them fighting for Power

Life long insecurity!

Bribing with their guns spare parts and money, trying to belittle our integrity.
They say what we know is just what they teach us -we are so ignorant - cause every time they can reach us.
Through political strategy they keep us hungry and when you gonna get some food your brother got to be your enemy.

Words of the late Bob Marley.

Clearly these are words more of reality/fact than it is philosophical. In fact it was/is a message and a reminder.
The US decided to pay a part of its debt to the UN followed with a noble prize for both the UN Secretary General and the institution itself.
Pakistan was offered debt relief rescheduling and the status of president from General/coup Leader.
China WTO status, a blind eye on its systematic slaughter of the Ugirs Turkmenistan autonomous region to mention a few.
Russia go ahead kill as much the Caucuses is yours.
Turkey will get into the EU she can continue killing and torturing her citizens plus a new IMF/WB deal.
Egypt US 2 billion in Aid again another blind eye on its human rights abuse and increase crack down.
Malaysia; millions of dollars this time from the UK government for surveillance equipment and technology and the continued detention of its political opponents.
Australia; no need giving anything we'll just keep quiet on the Aussies refusal to keep drowning non-whites of their shores and the violent harassment of Muslims and non-Aryan in Australia.
The world has not change and it subtly tells me that Hitler was just a passing.
Bob Marley proved over twenty years ago that today, nothing have change as the US and its Allaise were and is the same way unrepentant of their past their tactics remains the same their ideals objectives and even their methods unchanged. Only this time they are not completely in charged and despite all the material advancement they have an invisible opponent.
So they build their world on great confusion,to force on us the devil elusion.

Now the Crusader begins to talk tough, no free ride! put your words into action, get your forces ready, kill or be kill! you said you are in the fight against terror now act as the high priest and your commander in cheif order.
After all we can't depend on the Nothern Alliance, they betrayed us before ...say no more..
But the truth is the weapons we must use to engage the Afgahns we just can't trust it to the Northern Alliance.
As for Pakistan its touch and go.

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