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Yuh could fool Trini at home but yuh cya fool Trin

Yuh could fool Trini at home but yuh cya fool Trini abroad

Clash of extremes Pt 2
November 14, 2001
By Denis Solomon

1).The governments of traditionally Islamic countries, however secure they may feel themselves to be, are reluctant to oppose fundamentalism for fear of compromising the unity of Islam.

2).Islamic terror is therefore the result of a generalised situation of ketchass, in which people cling more and more blindly to their strongest asset, the unity of their faith.

3). The ketchass immediately responsible for the World Trade Center bombing was the plight of the Palestinians

4)."Any group of people on the defensive," says Odon Vallet, "can sink into extremism."
Fanaticism springs from resentment at economic and social injustice.

Dear Mr. Denis Solomon,

I find it difficult to ignore or not to respond on a point of correction to you article “Clash of extremes Pt 2” by posing a few questions of point of fact in the order as numbered.

1). A] If such is the case how is it that Turkey ban the Rifa party and imprisoned thousands of its supporters, revoked the citizenship of a female parliamentarian, removed the constituted elected Prime Minister from office subsequently barring him or his legally constituted political party from office and contesting in and general election. The Rifa party and it’s leader Ne`cbatin Erbakan is nothing close to what/whom you guys deem a Fundamentalist.
Members of the armed forces and the public services are not allowed to perform their prayers.

B] Egypt have systematically murdered and jailed Muslim scholars, leaders/followers without having to disguise its intended purposes in order to qualify as Washington’s friend as a result receives yearly US 2, bil in Aid.
In 1988 the Husni Mubarak government banned all televised and other forms of broadcast containing Quranic reading. A prerequisite/condition for loans from the World Bank and the Paris club, intended for the tourism industry.

C] Saudi Arabia the scholars are had pick most go to jail whilst the defenders of the regime and the West are allowed to preach yet with strict supervision.
The most wealthy are those that sneak of to London Paris and the US to engage in ‘by Muslim standards’ abominable activities. These kinds of people are the influence and up holders of the dynasty. Torture and deliberate sodomy to so-called fundamentalist is an acceptable method for turning around suspected fundamentalist.

2) Islamic terror; what about CIA terror, MI6 terror, IRA terror, Mossad terror, Shin Beth terror FSB(Russian)terror, RCMP terror, Police terror, Catholic (Croat Bosnia 1990-94) terror, IDF (Israeli/Zionist) terror and finally Armchair journalist terror? Dignified by the so-called scholars we vilify the oppressed and sanctify the oppressor e.g. Security Services, Security Agency/ents
3) I’d try not to further demean any persecuted people ketchass colonization; systematic liquidation deliberate deprivation rape torture expulsion by an occupational force is not the same as a Labasse scenario historically or otherwise.

When the European man entered Africa and the way in which we responded you would agree that was extremism, Fanaticism?
You’d agree that when the French murdered 25,000 Algerians in a single day in order to quell riots that were contrary of Fanatics and extremis?

Arial Sharon incursion [beautiful words isn’t it] and the subsequent again systematic slaughter imprisonment and expulsion of the native inhabitants, adding cyanide to the wound, the US congress supports it with arms AID with a surety US2.27 billion annually while the Western media decorate diplomatic style that these perpetrators aren’t really extremist, fanatics.

It is amazing even in our intellectualism how far we are from sound analytical’ism’.
That’s all for the isms

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