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War lessons that European leaders donít understand

European leaders still do not fully appreciate that it is not necessary to bomb and destroy people that they do not understand or agree with. This lack of maturity causes Europeans to categorize other human beings, which they don't understand, as pagan, evil doers or terrorists then they proceed to destroy these people. Europeans have engaged in wars that have robbed the world of important cultural and artistic expressions because they are too immature to respect the right of other human beings to exist and direct their own affairs.

Europeans claim to be civilized and have even outlawed the death penalty within some of their countries, but they still reserve a right to kill people that live in foreign lands because these people have different cultural views.

The destruction of other cultures by Europeans has a long and sad history with few regions in the world being spared. The list of countries that have been devastated by Europeans is very long and include many from the African continent. To justify the destruction of African cultures and the theft of African riches Europeans claimed that Africans were cannibals and pagans. The same was said when they attacked the Amerindians that they met in the New World.

Now to justify the destruction of Afghanistan and secure access to important oil reserves in the Caspian Sea, Europeans are claiming that these people are housing terrorists.

The Taliban has destroyed Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan because those statues represented cultural views that are different from theirs. However by invading Afghanistan the Europeans have done the same thing, so they cannot claim to be more civilized than the Taliban.

Modern archeologists that try to reconstruct the past are painfully aware of the tremendous loss to world history that occurs when cultures are arbitrarily destroyed. Unfortunately European leaders are still not mature enough to appreciate the beauty that exists within different cultural expressions. Europeans are so immature that they believe that they have a right to kill other human beings that they perceive to be evil doers, terrorists, or pagans.

When will they learn?

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War lessons that European leaders donít understand
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