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Anthrax carefully dispersed

Here is where the anthrax scare headed, I told you so,the world is dealing with a cold calculating machinery that have sown the seeds of it's own destruction.

Now you see the reasons for the carefully dispersed anthrax the and in some cases baby powder throughout the US and a few token states that manufactures the Administration case for initiating war on the peace.

Did anyone ask if the US (elite) administration is capable of killing his or her own to achieve it's own ends, well there goes the evidence.

Other wise take a look at the history of these manufacturers of death; the Pentagon CIA NSA IRS FBI Police and the UN Security Council.

Now they have the Niger tip-tap-dancing and jiggling tunes of massive destruction and death warning others that the killer machine is on the prowl sanction by his UN authority.

John R. Bolton, under-secretary of state for arms control said; "The United States strongly suspects that Iraq has taken advantage of three years of no U.N. inspections to improve all phases of its offensive biological weapons program," Bolton said at a convention review conference in Geneva.

"The existence of Iraq's program is beyond dispute."

He said the United States believed North Korea had a dedicated, national-level effort to achieve a biological weapons capability and that it has "developed and produced, and may have weaponized" biological agents.

the United States was "quite concerned" about Iran, Libya, Syria and Sudan, all of which appeared to have biological weapons programs.

The United States, which has rejected a legally binding inspection plan under the treaty, said it would rather set up a mechanism under which the U.N. secretary-general would order inspections when violations are suspected.

Other countries, including Japan, said the binding commitment is necessary if the treaty is to be effective.

Belgian Ambassador Jean Lint, speaking for the European Union, said the 15-nation bloc also supports the inclusion of "investigation measures" under the treaty.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a message to the conference that it faced a clear challenge to deal with the threat of biological weapons.

"The horrific attacks on 11 September could have been far worse if weapons of mass destruction had been used," Annan said. "In recent weeks, the world has seen the use of biological agents to create chaos and terror violating the international norm."

American officials shocked other countries last July by rejecting more than six years of negotiations on enforcement measures of the 1972 treaty, arguing they were ineffective.

Bolton was speaking at the start of a three-week meeting in Geneva planned as a review of the agreement. He was presenting to other countries the new U.S. approach since the United States has come under an anthrax attack.

The emergence of anthrax-tainted letters in the United States in the weeks following the 11 September terrorist attack has thrust the issue biological warfare into the spotlight.
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Japan is now back in the fray as a supremist who once raped plunder and murdered millions of lives trillions in property stretching from Indonesia throughout Thailand China and from across Malaysia to the Solomon and Korea.

As their Pop-star Prime Minister visited Japan's war dead little knew that Japan was once again restructuring its past only this time it is part of a UN sanction coalition, a group of nations determine to put the rouge colored countries back in their pre-WW1-WW II place.

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