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glass case that invites every form of indecency

Friday, November 23, 2001
By Ghifari al Mukhtar

Women can be as powerless uncovered.
To listen to much of the Western commentary, however, you might have thought that the liberation of Afghanistan's women boiled down to one thing: liberation from the burqa. There has been a widespread assumption that once women had been freed from the requirement to wear this all-concealing garment, their troubles were at an end. They would be free to work, enjoy themselves and be protected by the law. This is a misnomer. Burqa burning will not automatically generate rights for women where they exist only on paper “statutes”. Women can be far more powerless uncovered than they were covered, and in societies of overt male dominance, more vulnerable.
At the same time a token female occupying powerful post within the society does not show any proof that western women are empowered much secure than their counterpart elsewhere.
In majority Muslim societies women are cared for or should be as such symbolizes some meaning of the veil unlike the west empowered women are usually the sexist or serves to sure up some hidden political agenda that have little at heart for women as a whole.
If women was ever to gain so-called western freedoms then red-light districts would have been abolished a long time ago in stead we see that even in Muslim countries a forced imposition by the World body WHO UN and major pharmaceutical conglomerates championing the need for more RED LIGHT DISTRICTS.
Is the culture of the RED LIGHT DISTRICTS morally correct in so much that Muslims countries are listed as abusers of human rights and the adornment of the veil is considered captive rather than moral.
If there has been much wishful thinking about what casting off the veil will mean, however, there has been almost as much unthinking condemnation of the veil. Underlying much of what has been said about the defeat of the Taliban “Islam” and the re-emergence of women as the West implies has been a simplistic and culturally restrictive equation generated by hate and inferiority: uncovered – good; covered – bad.
The veil, which has been raised to totem status in the West and among Westernized Muslims as worst of all, a symbol of all the evils inflicted upon women by Islam.
The reality is, however, that it ill behooves "liberated" Western women to denounce the veil as a symbol of modesty and obedience to God. The veil – whether it takes the form of a full burqa or hijab is a cultural/religious obligation that cannot just be thrown off overnight. For many, it is less a mark of subjugation than a protection. In western male-dominated societies, they will be treated as "loose". They are exposed to sexual harassment, rape some times murder, child rearing on their own, they are like bath soaps passing on from hand to hand or changing men so often that children can hardly know which is there true father[s].
There has been a widespread assumption that once women had been freed from the requirement to wear the hijab, their troubles were at an end.
Hijab burning will not automatically generate rights for women where they do exist but as sexually motivated conditions that often escape Western human resources employment and promotional etiquettes.
Women can be as powerless uncovered as they were covered, and in societies of overt male dominance, more vulnerable.
Quran; Never will the Jews and the Christians cease fighting you unless they turn you from your religion if they can.
Why acknowledge God for All His Creation and bounties but not for what has been revealed and instructed on to us?
The truth is to admit or not to, is that the all encompassing dominated western vulgar interpretations of morality have permeate our thinking or unconsciousness that overt sexuality became acceptable whereby we behave as the lowly animals with unbridle shame.
On our television daily 99% of products advertised are sexually related some more plainly than others-pointedly instructing.

A woman’s beauty as well as her sexuality should be kept behind the veil jealously and must not be exposed like the animals on the streets where on every calling there is a stranger for the take.
Against the dumb environment and machinery we take procedure for security and protection yet some dare to argue that laws are sufficient to ward of the intrigues and sometimes helplessness that from time memorial has failed in the security of both male and female/women from (sexual abuse) ourselves.
On the other hand we will stealth our homes and property with steel and security systems of laborious yet physical and costly discomfort despite the harsh laws design to give us that false sense of security in the first place.
In India alone the caste system affects 300.Million women but where can we find these freedom loving gurus in the west championing the Indian women that are slaves generation after generation yet these same Gurus will tell us repeatedly that India is the world largest democracy.
No one selects the caste system except the masters of the system un-like Islam lets say there are 400.Million women 90.% choose to adorn the veil and the package that goes with it e.g. honor, dignity, security of the home/family, the state, the press/tongue, responsibility of their piers etc etc.
In conclusion, what moral right has the west has with the status and care of women in the Islamic world when it is the west’s that have impoverish and continues to impoverish and corrupt the Muslim world like it did everywhere.
The west have succeeded in creating such false impression of its vile and waning fantasies that brought millions to adapt western culture in exchanges of scorn and dislike of ones own culture, history identity and even his/her self image.
I recalled as a child growing up in the Caribbean under the auspices of the Catholic Church where they taught us that the only pride in a black person (katakiro) is that he is a Niger Catholic with a cross scared on his cheek or on his chest.
Anything other than that is that we are all BLACK, by Christian definition savage and ugly, so we were made to actually disown our identity scorn some times laugh even mock our blackness.
I am not talking Arabism here as they were as guilty as the European man, by the same token backward as much as they are guilty as they also misrepresent Islam while participating in the racism and enslavement of fellow human beings.
So we were required to change to strip our veil and be free from or pigmentation our culture heritages, there was always a racist definition a carnal immoral interpretation of what the west means to be liberated.
Just as you’d train your children to expose their bodily organs while bearing no sense of shame while in public view, Islam has taught mankind to inculcate a much different attitude, first towards self-respect without relinquishing personal independence and moral awareness.
It is hypocritical trying to defend women {morality) rights in a society where everyone have to look skyward while our women blend in obscure nakedness pretending to be clothed.
Adorned in synthetic psychedelic materials with altered cut-outs that invariably suggest to all and sundry; you can watch but you can’t touch, come and get it if you can!
While men (foolishly) on the other hand show their spouse as a model invite “pimping” the community i.e. take a look at what I’ve got! Try and take it from me! The kind of attitude is promiscuity (freedom).
Men and women of the African Arab and Asian civilizations are ridiculed because they jealously guard the chastity of their spouse daughters and other women folk.
We call them backward selfish chauvinist oppressive jealous old-timer to the contrary our counterparts in the west and those influence by the western value system are thus deemed modern advance macho democratic and free as such the homosexuals lesbians pedophiles bisexuals prostitutes abortionist (infant murderers) and a whole amount of fancy connotations they hope to absolve their sick and vulgar behavior championing the Euro/West-centric as the developed world, cloaked with hi-tech industries and modern killing techniques and machinery, sky-scrapers and elaborate irrelevant costly structures.

For morality the West is a glass case that invites every form of indecency, which end result, are of plagues violence natural disasters and false hope.

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