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Denis Solomon's errors

I am a regular reader of Mr. Solomons contributions to the Express, but his piece on "Clash of extremes" has some serious errors. Before I go into that I must first say that he attributed a statement to me which I know I have never said nor is it consistent with how I think. He alleged (or lied)that I said that since the state allowed the practice of Islam then it also allowed revolt against itself. That is stupidity from head to toe. But this is the method which Mr. Solomon constantly employ since it is his stated bias that ALL religious people are stupid and illogical. So for the record and it still possible to check, what I did say is that Islam allows me the position to defend myself and that is something I do not need state sanction for.
As for his article, he constantly refers to 'fundamentalism'. In reality this term has to do with a Protestant reform against the Catholic Church, which has no historical,political or theological reality within Islam. Islam today is without central governance, the Khalifate which was destroyed by the same forces allied against it today namely, hyprocritical Muslims leaders and scholars,England, America,Jewish bankers and financiers and the rest of Europe. So all military actions against these forces since they originates from a group level and does not involes a state then it is considered as terrorism. He also confuses 'civilization' with 'modernization', the fact that I can wear a nike and oppose the evils of modernization on the individual is not a contradiction at,but a good shoe. Modernization has more to do with method than with values and morality. If a man robbed you in the past with a knife, and he now robs you with a gun it is still robbery, but he has improved his method and means. I have more to comment on maybe the hosts may give me some space to do so

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