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Re: Most Americans Back U.S. Tactics

They tightly control the mainstream media to ensure most Americans do not get views other than those of the president and the business elites. This even happens on the Internet as AOL and Yahoo limits access to views other than their preferred propaganda.

After controlling the minds of the people they ask them questions when the only information most have is what was fed to them by these dishonest leaders and media outlets.

Even other writers who were critical of this attack on Afghanistan are now talking about limiting this war. They are asking questions about what follows this war. They have not realized how easily the mainstream media have altered their perception. They are now calling it a war and have shifted from the fact that this is a brutal attack on another country that did not attack America.

Some leading American activists are now speaking as if the removal of the Burka by some Afghan women is a triumph for the freedom of women. They who live in the West are still negotiating for the right to be as ignorant and brutal as American males whom they use as the yardstick for freedom. It is one thing to have a veil over one’s face but it is far worst when this veil is over the minds of so many people.

Sensible people should refuse to be sucked into accepting this as a real war. This is an atrocity aided and abetted by the United Nations. This is the U.S. attacking Afghanistan.

Sensible people should not be interested in whatever American leaders present as further evidence found in Afghanistan. The CIA and American leaders cannot now be trusted. They have a long history of planting evidence to support their propaganda. They should not get carried away with the illusion of Women’s freedom. The majority of American Women are yet to know what freedom is.

Some mainstream media are even presenting detailed graphics of places and equipment in Afghanistan to show their terrorist intent, as they are unable to show the real pictures. It is only mindless Americans and their allies would buy or support such foolishness.

Since public manufactured opinion shapes the conduct of the American government then it is also true to state that our World security is in the hands of an ignorant American public controlled by the business elites.

Bin Laden was half correct but the other half of his evaluation has more dangerous consequences. It is not the American people that need destroying; it is the American ignorance and arrogance that needs destroying.

Bullets and bombs are not the weapons of choice in this war. The primary weapon is media access and ownership. It is critically important that more people help educate the American public. We need media that can reach all over America that is not controlled by businesses and the US government.

Americans need to learn World history. They need to realize that they are just part of this world and not the other way around. The same way many do not like some animals but they recognize their value in the broader scheme of things, they should appreciate this truth for people who do not share their values.

When ignorance rules, there can be no peace on earth.

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Re: Most Americans Back U.S. Tactics
Re: Most Americans Back U.S. Tactics

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