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Re: " Taliban Forces Fleeing Kandahar"

The curse of the Northern alliance is already on both the people of Afghanistan and America. America will be held responsible for all that goes wrong in that region as it is they who removed a government, as bad as they may have been, and instituted one of their choosing. They have done this through trickery, bribery and brute violence.

The people who felt unable to fight back are now slaves of the oppressive US double standards and brutalities.

Those who preferred to fight to their death, though ignorant of better ways, would have accomplished an important phase in their development and would return better able to navigate this life.

There are worst states than physical death. Certainly degenerating into worst states of mental slavery where to survive is heavily tied to consumerism and the US dollar is a slow and painful death. Many today exist in these degenerative states.

Those Afghan people who feel they are liberated will have to take the long road forward just like many Africans, who first have to realize (in very painful ways) the illusions of their lives dominated by European/American introduced false values, then struggle to free themselves and suffer all along the way.

Yes, we will see further abuses from their puppet government similar to those exhibited by regimes Europe/America propped up in Africa/Egypt, Iran, Israel, and many more countries too numerous to mention.

The difference this time is they are going to work hard to ensure that these atrocities do not come to the public in a clear manner. Small media houses will have to work doubly hard to present the facts in a manner that thoroughly discredits major US elites’ controlled media houses.

Most Americans are ignorant of what their government does in their country and beyond their borders and as such it is very important that more media networks develop to inform those who are unaware in America so they too can become more responsible for the abuses of their government and the political choices they make.

There is more I would like to say on this but when time is permitting.

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Re: " Taliban Forces Fleeing Kandahar"
Re: " Taliban Forces Fleeing Kandahar"

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