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By way of deception, thou shalt do war

Imagine for a moment that during the last days of the USSR a communist spy ring was uncovered operating inside the United States, a spy ring of vast proportions, numbering in the hundreds, one that had succeeded in tapping the phones of virtually every American, including political leaders, indeed even within the White House itself, one able to constantly keep track and record who was calling who anywhere in the nation, and to use that information to blackmail our political and media leaders.

Imagine that when the FBI started arresting the spies that the government of the USSR as well as ex-patriot Russians living inside the United States complained that news reportage of the spy ring was unfair, that it portrayed the government of the USSR and the Russian people in a poor light, that it played to the stereotypes of a Soviet citizenry obsessed with espionage, that it was ďanti-SlavicĒ.

Imagine still further that the American media bowed to such pressure and agreed to spike the story of the Soviet Spy and Phone Tapping ring, even as the FBI continued to make arrests. Imagine the story being pulled from circulation, never to be mentioned again.

Imagine that.

Can you imagine anything sillier than the US Media being so concerned about the public image of the Soviets that they would withhold from the American public the story of the largest spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States.

Yet as silly as it may seem, the US media has actually committed such a crime of omission against the American people. Except that the largest spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States didnít belong to the Soviet Union, but to Israel. And the arrests did not happen years ago, but in the weeks both before and after the attacks on the World Trade Towers.

The story of the Israeli spy ring was reported one time in the US Mainstream media, specifically on the Fox News channel, in a four part story by Fox Newsí political commentator Carl Cameron. Nobody has ever refuted the facts reported in the story itself, yet Fox News removed the transcript of four part story from their website and canceled plans to re-air the original four part program. CNN followed by erasing their story in which one of the companies involved in the spy scandal had received a two hour advance warning of the attacks, even though the story is still being reported in Israel's own media

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