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Response to: Who and What is Satan

I congradulate the writers of all their research and knowledge, within the frameworks of the biblical books of mythology. They had a alot of information in which was very analytical and supports the dominion of the left brain, or shaping things into verbal expressions of perceptions but I was led to a place of taking a basket of different fruits and mixing them all together, not understanding the original philosophy of it all. Alot of wording of Kemet (Khamit) is used, but never embracing the full wisdom of Khamit spirituality or the origin of civilizations from the Nile Valley.

Alot of historical information with abstract thought and messages, which is okay if one just wants to focus on duality, division and separation, but I was trying to understand the continuity of the writings, and I was misled. So, I hope the information I reveal demonstrates to seek the soul, spirit, mind and body of all who read, and the enlightenment is granted to all who accept. A couple of things to clarify: Ra, Raza (the opposite of Azar, Asar or Osiris), Rahine, Raheem, Je-sus, Jah, Je-suit, Jah-ho-vah, Amen-RA, Mo-ra-na, Rahman,Rasta, Af-Ra-Ka, etc. all relate to people of the sun, or hidden souls of the sun, or ancient AfRAKA, which depicts the SUN as an emblem of vitality.

The symbol of the antelope was depicted as a relation to the devil, or an animal depicting horns. An antelope is an animal created like all other animals with horns on the head, to protect the head, or protect its species against any battle or intrusion of other animals or fuedal situations, along with other uses for its horns. This is their natural way in which created by the Creator for sustenance in this life.

In AfRaKa, there are tribes of people named after the antelope, because just as its partner the gizelle, they are very graceful animals, yet like the buffalo and deer, the most hunted, the most endangered and the most distint. (Like the Black man or ancient black civilization)

The symbol of the snake in alot of ethnic groups is understood as a fertility sign and element, because of its closeness to the earth, growth and development of reproduction. It is a sign used for agriculture, and also natural healing back in the ancient civilization of Khamit, in relation to many things such as seeds, plants, eggs. The western world has taken this symbol and demoralized it into a defranchised element, depicting it from the western religions as something bad, or evil in relation to the fall of eve, or trickery.

It has been pulled into the western mind of mankind, or should i say the lower parts of mankind thinking, but if we relate it back to the ancient teachings of Khamit one will find it depicted as a Cadducus, in which became the symbol in the medical, dental and pharmacology, vetinarian professions, but it has eliminated one side, as in the whole western representation. The original caddecus represented the integration of left/right brains, left/right sides of body, The union of Self risen to a higher state, and the foresight past duality, but like I mentioned one side was taken off or removed in which represents a one sided nation of people lacking in the wholeness, or integration of whole Self, whole body, whole mind and whole spirit.

The symbol of Djhuiti-The Netcher of medicine holds two staffs with serpents, in which one represents the lower crown of Khamit, and one represents the Upper crown of Khamit, in which was originally a whole Nation, in which Menes unified once again, wholeness. Also, the symbol is represented as the eye of Djhuiti, aka: the Utchat eye when depicted as the left eye, or the Eye of Heru when depicted as the right eye. It represents the omnipotent power of the creator, who can see all things at all times.

These symbol has varied in western practices, western religions and western minds, for the National Medical Assc. and pharmacology depicts the snake on the left which also brings to mind the duality it represents and achievements of a one sided perpetration, leaving out the the other side, or balance of the two. In ancient Khamit, Ra Un Nefer Amen mentions: the various spheres of the brain that correlate to functions in the integration of mind, body, & spirit. Spheres 8 & 5 govern the left side in which has to do with the development of the audio, or verbal expression to perception, knowledge, feeling and conceptions of reality.

This part of the brain gives perceptions to names, definitions and descriptions, it is also known as the spiritually immature, about being educated about God v knowing God, or hearing about religion without the truest understanding of religion (meaning Re-Legion-to tie together) in which do not match the reality they represent. It is part of the brain that keeps us in a self-imposed imprisonment or arrested development. The 5th sphere establishes order through wisdom and divine law, in which negative behavior is transcended by this faculty. It is known as the mathimatical center, in which shares the lower and higher parts of being, but is also the lowest point of the highest part. It represents the point of detachment.

This mid-function of the left brain focuses on internal differences in which govern analytical, abstract, indepth thinking, again these inner qualities that are used to separate people by differences in character, intelligence, etc.
The right side of the brain (or snake that is depicted in Vetinarian symbols) is dealing with the 7th and 4th spheres of the brain, or aka: the visual. The 7th sphere deals with the imagination (in which has and is purposely kept in the dark about working this faculty, in which many have taken advantage for exploiting people) It serves as a funnel that directs the flow of forces of nature. It is associated with the deep trance of ones state, or expressions of life-force.

The 4th sphere is the part of the brain capable of communciating to the mind working forces that maintain body and mind functions. When awakened, this mid-function of the brain enables us to see inner factors based on mutual relationships and the whole expressed through abstract and metaphors. It deals with divine truth and law thinking that leads to the understanding of the divine Self.

Please take a moment to reflect back to the totality of the Ancient Khamitic systems and understand them in terms of reality and divine perception, in which was given clarity by great introspect of our elders and spiritual reincarnations, such as: RANeferAmen, and the writings of the Metu Neter, or original forms of transcription, communication and symbols. Please take note this is to enlighten, not to judge or dequalify ones state, for we are all in a state of evolution and with all things there is a moment granted to each one of us to uplift and upgrade our spiritual potentials. we are all reflections of each other, fortifying the greatest reflection of the highest. Amen Hetepu, Most Divine Peace through all the dualities of Life, into finding the total integration of Self.

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