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An Inexhaustible Well of Hypocrisy

by Manuel Miles
The Left on Africa:
An Inexhaustible Well of Hypocrisy

Over twenty years ago, when the Rhodesian government was fighting for its survival and independence, the leftists of the Western world, egged on by their Soviet mentors, kept up a constant barrage of propaganda against the “racist Ian Smith regime”. At first, this campaign was run from “the outside” of power, but it was about this time that a long effort to influence and infiltrate the government- controlled media was bearing fruit for the forces of socialism, so the propaganda came increasingly from the television, radio and newspapers.

As well as decrying “white racism” (the only brand which disturbs them), the comrades condemned Mr Smith’s government for being an “undemocratic regime”. We were constantly assured that a victory for the communist guerrilla forces would usher in a new era of peace, liberty and democracy in Rhodesia, as well as ending forever the scourge of racism.

The various Marxist factions united in pressuring the West’s governments to impose and maintain an economic embargo against Rhodesia. These “sanctions” (which the Soviet Union ignored when it suited its purposes to trade with Rhodesia) finally managed to accomplish what the communist guerrillas lacked the popular support to do themselves; they brought about the collapse of independent Rhodesia. Within a very short time Robert Mugabe’s guerrillas took over the government of the new “Zimbabwe” regime, and waged a constant low-level civil war of murder and intimidation against all other political and tribal groups than his own.

In this manner, the racist, tribalist dictatorship of Robert Mugabe has managed to maintain himself and his cronies in wealth for two decades. During this time the leftists, now in control of most of the West’s media, have been silent about the total lack of peace, liberty and democracy which they had assured us would be the legacy of their war against Rhodesia. Despite their best attempts to black out and/or whitewash (ironic puns intended) all news from Zimbabwe, however, the horrors of their dictator’s brutality have become gradually known to many. After all, it’s hard to keep the lid on the atrocities resulting from such a prolonged wave of terror by communist gangsters.

Now, in the face of yet another rigged “election” in Zimbabwe, the old clique of Western leftists who gave birth to the Rosemary’s baby of Mugabe-Zimbabwe have re-found their voices. Have they managed to admit that perhaps their glowing prognostications of their progeny’s future were slightly flawed? Have they been able to recognise that communist guerrilla dictatorships are not an “improvement” on any kind of regime? Have they even exhorted their offspring to limit his systematic murder of opposition politicians?

Not a chance. Like all overly indulgent parents, they deny that their evil brat can do any wrong. The Los Angeles Times is busy running articles that are shameless excuses for the Mugabe regime’s worst atrocities. They interview murderers who have assassinated white farm owners and report as fact their anti-historical claims to being able to produce as much food from the confiscated areas as their victims had. They are freely quoted when they make racist comments such as, “Now it’s our turn; the white man can go away.”

Black racism and worse, tribalism, are “celebrated” by the leftist media hacks! Murders of whole families are dismissed as “overdue justice”, and chronic cronyism is lauded as the path to prosperity. The biggest fear of the hypocritical Marxist cliques is that an actual non-racist democracy might emerge in Zimbabwe, and they are doing all they can to slander the slaughtered opponents, both black and white, of their evil Stalinist dictator.

Meanwhile, their mirror image, the rightists, with whom they are slowly but ineluctably merging, are so busy waging war on “terrorists” that they cannot be bothered to say much against Mugabe’s crimes. The only complaint which the right has to make about his reign of terror is that it is getting noticed and causing them embarrassment.

Sadly, the only real threat to the government of this socialist dictator-for-life comes from his own clumsiness and ineptitude. If anything brings him down, it will likely not be the US imperial left-right coalition, but his own vicious chutzpah and overconfidence. For there are no voices in the Western left with either the decency or the moral authority to attack the madman of Africa, and the right is not only unconcerned with the “collateral damaging” of the citizens of Zimbabwe, but it is currently frying bigger fish elsewhere. The rest of us can only watch the insanity unfold and pray for the people of this socialist paradise.

Me, I shall also pray that those who pushed this monster onto the stage from the comfort and safety of the “wings” will one day find themselves a captive audience to a similar megalomaniacal bad actor. God knows they deserve it.

March 14, 2002

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