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Is it time for Europe to loose grip of Africa?
In Response To: TWO-FACED BUSH ()

The recent political intrusion of western powers in the internal affairs of the Zimbabwean people is hardly out of good will. Honestly it is disturbing to see the magnitude of propaganda materials lashed out on the person of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe by the 'all powerful' western media. Back home the same hate-journalese are plastered all over and touted by some local writers as authentic and thereby causing the downfall of an illustrious son.

The West are intelligent people who understand the power of unity and disunity. They win all their wars by speaking with one voice and acting in one accord. While at the same time works to weaken the enemy's position through the act of stage-managed divisive campaign. The instrument of passive resistance and lobbying are used to establish a destructive view, this opens the next door -surprise attacks.

Africa has all along been a victim of advanced political thoughts scripted in Europe, acted and supported by western powers. The recent revelation and apology by Belgium over complicity in the plan and murder of Patrice Lumumba, the first prime minister of the Congo, is very fresh in mind.

The control of various Africa's resources ranging from gems to oil, land, wild life, waters, forest etc could be linked to wars and poverty in Africa and yet all these are interwoven with western interests. When will Africans be totally free from the slave-past and like America, Europe, Australia etc take their own decision without the shackles of Observer attendees?

Regarding the case on the ground in Zimbabwe and the overall African question, there are few questions that needs to be answered;

Who ruled Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) from 1893 to 1980?

How many elections were conducted, whether or not they were free and fair?

In 1888, Britain signed treaty with the locals to allow them mine gold. How did this convert to war of repression in 1893 and the Land Apportionment Act of 1930 which formalized the segregation of land types in the country, under the full control of the settler-government?

How many child-emigrants did the British Government send to Zimbabwe until 1957 and what was the reason and purpose of such policy?

To control the land that bears precious gems, oil, beaches etc., has always attracted the greedy European 'merchants'. Is land the true issue in Zimbabwe? If the land redistribution act is not in place, will the west and its media fight equally for the suffering people of Africa? Where else have they put up such a political struggle out of goodwill? Why not in Rwanda?

When will Europe stop invading Africa directly and indirectly? Does EU truly love Africans and treat its leaders as equal?

Does Democracy mean rule by peoples' majority will or "Change anyway"?

Does re-election of same candidate many times constitute a democratic offence?

Is Mugabe a dictator simply because the people still needs him or because he has stayed longer than Democracy guarantees him or both?

Is it fair to suggest that the whole Africa will suffer if it did not stand with Mr. Tony Blair or Mr. Bush on Zimbabwe?

Why has Africa been suffering long before the outcome of Zimbabwe election?

What is the striking difference between the US 2000 election between Mr Bush and Mr Al Gore and recent election in Zimbabwe?

Is time for Africa to take its own place in God, for God is not a respecter of persons? Whether Europe will win another battle in Africa or not, depends on Africans themselves. The hand writing on the wall calls for Africa's unity. Nigeria must lead and speak out for Africa, NOW!.

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Is it time for Europe to loose grip of Africa?
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