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I posted this subject on a forum, a few weeks ago. I withdrew it because I hadn't done enough research, so when some one challenged me with that fact, I had to concede. And too, I really didn't know what the majority of people, in Zimbabwe, wanted, or felt.

I have since learned what I think I need to know to comment.

They call old Mugabe, a demon--say the man is only bringing up the land reform issue to hold on to power. For somebody who didn't know that the reason the old man fought a war 20 years ago in the first place, was too give the people of Zimbabwe back what was stolen from them by force--this lie would hold some sway.

You see in Zimbabwe, where 98%, of the people are black, 2%, of the people own 70%, of the prime farm land.

Imagine 2%, of black Americans owning 70% of the wealth of the United States. And then try to imagine no war, and no chaos.

The old man is twenty years late in doing what he promised all those people who fought and died by his side, and all the people of Zimbabwe, he was going to do.

There may be a few reasons for this; one: old Mugabe, probably got distracted after he won the war, --what with his new powers as Leader of his own land, and what with all the fast cars, and faster women.

And two: as every single would be king, finds out soon enough--you may want to do, but in this world aint nobody doing nothing but what white power allows them to do.

Because you see, it's not so much military might that people fear today, as it is the economic strangle hold white power holds over all the earth.

Black liberation warriors, from South Africa, to Libya, have all learned that all they have really done in their struggles for independence, is trade one form of bondage for another. Most of these guys fought to help their people-- not starve them to death--which is exactly what white power, will do to any Nation who don't tow the line.

So for twenty years old Mugabe, has been putting off taking some of that land from the 2%, and giving it to the 98%. All during that time white power, and all the ladies just loved him to death.

But you see when a man gets old, the things that used to distract him in years past, don't move him as much any more.

An old man starts thinking about his legacy--starts reflecting on the past, starts remembering old friends and old comrades. Starts remembering what he was about when he was young and struggling.

And so what we have here in Mugabe, is an old man that is determined he is going to give his people some land before he dies.

The man has procrastinated for 20 years. He wanted to do the thing right. He wanted to do it peacefully and as smoothly as possible, but when you have white power, and super power, all up in your business, doing everything they can to undermine you, wrecking your economy, financing opponents, and running worldwide propaganda campaigns against you, it's kind of hard for a man to do everything the way he might want to.

You see the way white power and super power does you is they try to assassinate you, they plant spies, and provocateurs, they spend billions of dollars to destroy you and then they scream "Demon" when you dig in and try to protect yourself, your people, and your Country, and your reason for risking your life and the lives of others in the first place.

Nobody talks about whether you are right or wrong for wanting to take some land from the 2% and give it to the 98% percent.

It would drive you nuts to reflect upon how upside down, the thinking of this world is. This world actually believes that human beings should live and die, in poverty and misery in their own land rather than peacefully demand that a handful of invaders, share some of the land they have stolen and slaughtered for in the first place. You have people who have murdered entire populations, to take land that belonged to the victims. Here(the Zimbabwe situation), we got the whole world demonizing a man just for trying to right a wrong done to a people regarding their own space. Only colored people would be so rational about a situation like this. History makes it plain and clear how another people would have long ago handled this situation. I commend Africa, for being such a higher moral animal, and I think it bode well for the future of the entire Continent, for all the people of Africa, of all races and creeds, if white power, and superpower, would just leave her alone. Left alone, the African people--Black, White, Asian, etc, would be a whole lot more able to end their wars and strife than they can, with somebody always intervening and dividing the people against eachother..

You see what they have done to Mugabe, is they have wrecked his Country's economy, and then they stand back and say look at what Mugabe did to the Country.
But anybody who knows any thing at all about the way this world works, knows Mugabe aint done a damn thing. There is not a Nation, on this earth that can determine it's own economical destiny, because white power controls everything.

This is why the old guys in South Africa, are so scared of old Mugabe. They haven't done a thing towards implementing the promises they made to their people during the struggle, either. It's not because they didn't mean to, or don't want to, it's because it's easy to plan and plot, when you're fighting to take control, but when you actually do get in control, you learn immediately, that control for any Nation outside of white power, and super power, aint nothing but servitude and compromise. This is because they can starve your people over night.

But old Mugabe, you see, he knows they are going to starve his people, even if he wins the election going on. He knows they are going to settle for nothing less than either his removal, or his abandonment of land reform.

But what you gotta understand, is why old men should never rule over anybody. They get stubborn. And they have already used all their best years up, so they really aint caring about long term consequences.

The moral for Africa, and all other Nations to learn, from this is; never go for the gold and let white power into your infrastructure in the first place. Live off the land if you want to be free. This is how you've lived for most of your history.

Of course in the case of Africa, their situation is a forced one.

The sad thing is, it is too late to change it now, without a lot of hard sacrifices.

Old Mugabe, is willing to go for it, but then again he's old and rich

The rest of the people of Zimbabwe might not be able to survive the wrath of white power, and superpower.

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