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Re: WHY support Reparations
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The fact is reparations is a minor issue when the truth is presented. That truth is one million square miles of Black Washitaw lands is under occupation by the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Arkansas. The fact is, this land was once part of the Black Washitaw Nation's INDEPENDANT EMPIRE (read more at )

In 1991 the Washitaw Nation, whose members include millions of Blacks throughout the South, whose ancestors were in the 'Louisiana Territories" before Columbus and who were targeted for enslavement because they were Black Africans and said to be "descendants of Ham," did win a small amount of their lands back, a mere 68,000 square acres.

Therefore, the issue of returning stolen land so Blacks with the Nationalist fire burning in ther belleys who are fed up with the settler barbarism can separate and reestablish the ancient Black nations. Begging is an insult. Reparations are due and nations that commit atrocities pay or are forced to pay when they are defeated soundly through war. Germany has to pay Jews reparations, so have other aggressors.

Yet, we Blacks had better face the fact that if reparations are not paid, we should not throw our hands in the air because the truth cannot be washed away. The issue of the one million square miles that was once Black owned and annexed during the Louisiana Purchase is still in the courts, and the Black Washitaw are still fighting.

Black America had better study their history, since the conspiracy to keep books, their aboriginal languages and culture from slaves and turn them into a copy of the slavemaster was done for one reason, that reason is to wipe out knowledge of the original culture, as Willie Lynch proposed, see
See also "Black History Chart." The slavemasters and others skillfully wiped out thousands of years of Black history in North America. Today, as archeologists and the descendants of the aboriginal African-American tribes are finding out that there were Blacks in the Americas, including the U.S., before Columbus and that the lands and labor of these Blacks were ruthlessly raided and taken, they are running around not knowing how to handle this revelation.

Lets be aware that reparations paid will be fine, but Black America must take into account that before the European occupation of North America, Black nations existed on mainland North America and they were part of a conspiracy based on the great lie called "the curse of Ham," which was the excuse used by the Europeans to begin enslaving all Black people of African origins found anywhere on earth. These Blacks were found in Spain, Europe, Africa, India, Melanesia, Papua, Indonesia, the Philipines, parts of China and the Americas. In every area Blacks were enslaved by the Europeans and Semites, who both used the same great lie to commit their evil.

So, people can whine and froth if they want, we Blacks are left with two alternatives. The right to be independant in a nation on lands that was and always has been Black throughout the South and Midwest, or A MOVE BY BLACKS THROUGHOUT THE U.S. TO INCREASE THE BLACK POPULATION AND CREATE A FORMIDABLE POLITICAL AND NUMERICAL FORCE WITH THE POWER TO USE THE VOTE TO GAIN OUR OBJECTIVES.

Whether reparations are paid or not, no one can stop Black folk from deciding to have lots of children to stop once and for all our "minority" status, where our small numbers are a great detriment. No one can stop Blacks from working for independance and self-upliftment whether there is reparations paid or not. No one can stop Black men and women, seeing that all tricks are being used to dilute and to overwhelm the Black population, from deciding to start getting married having children at a younger age and having lots of children who we will teach and raise to know the truth that has been kept from Blacks since the days of slavery. No one can stop that. Black America may not get reparations, but we can build Black America into a powerful nation and work for total independence and less dependance on those who want to keep us down so they can feel superior.

We Blacks should observe the tricks being played today and the tricks since the late 80's. First comes the trick pushed by conservo-racists called "multiracialism," where suddenly, in an attempt to create a class of "coloreds," the conservos are actively pushing and backing a few Blacks whose ancestors were brutalized, dehumanized and violated to declare themselves as "multiracials." That is the first trick,. The second trick is passing facistic and draconian laws reminiscent of Nazi Germany, such as "Three Strikes and Manditory Minimums," where the objective is to defile the Black race on a massive scale. The next trick is to devide the Black family by using the 'feminist" arm of Euro-supremacy to trick our women into destroying our families and trick our men into believing that sexual promiscuity is an expression of "freedom." The next trick is making movies, plays and sitcoms where every time one sees a couple, for some sinister reason, it has to be an interracial couple or a situation where Blacks who would be followed around in any store in any city of the U.S. or made to lie face down in the mud on any city street, are suddenly not Black, or are claiming a wide variety of other "races."

Surely, anyone with some insight can see these tricks are being used to make the Black race insignificant in America. The greatest trick is the use of the census to psychologically damage the pride of Blacks by spreading the great lie of the "Latino majority-minority." This trick is evil beyond measure. The evil in it is based on the fact that "Latinos" are of all races, just like english speaers are of all races. Also that Latinos who are Black have been mentally destroyed by the culture, where African music, dance, religion and culture is copied and appropriated by the white Latins, while Black Latins are struggling in a cesspool of racism in Latin America worse than South Africa ever was. This racism is hidden and kept under, therefore it is not discussed.

Still times are changing. Latin America has 200 million Blacks (including 100 million Black Brazilians, who have been victims of this caste color trickery). With the Organization of Africans in the Americas being at the forefront of Black liberation throughout the Americas, things are going to change and the unity of Blacks throughouit the Americas will become a reality. Blacks will no longer identify themselves based on colonialist racist labels or imposed languages. We are all part of the Mende-Kongo language family and carry the accent, rhythm, tonality, syntax and forms throughout the Americas, no matter what European languages we speak.

In retrospect, Information is Power, Unity is Strength. We had better start finding out what really occurred in the Americas before 1492 and in North America before the "Lousiana Purchase." We will find out that no amount of reparations will ever repay for the one million square miles taken from the Black Washitaw, or the lands taken from the Black Californians, the Yamassee and others. Reparations would have to include all stolen labor and all stolen lands.

One thing is certain, after Blacks create an independant Black ruled entity, there will still be "racism," or ethnic/religious hatred as there is in Northern Ireland, Germany, Canada, Bosnia, Isreal and elsewhere in Europe. Blaks will not be the ones that everyone else try to prove their worthiness over, by turning their noses up at Blacks.

Pianke Nubianu

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