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Re: Behind the Arab Rage
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See here's what's wrong with your conclusions. You are using the wrong measuring stick to understand the situations at hand. It's not about a double standard with regard to whose doing the killing, it is about an enemy people coming against a nation and it would stand to reason the reaction would be different than killings from civil upheavels within any given nation. It is ludicrous to judge such matters out of their proper context.

First of all, you spoke of Africans killing Africans, Arabs killing arabs being much worse of a casualty loss. Well, of course in matters of a civil war the battle and mindset is steered differently for the war is fought for different issues. Usually, it is fought not to eradicate ones own nation but to eradicate any perceived evil by factions within the nation. As such, you cannot then compare an outside invaders evil to inside dissident factions that causes wars within for the facts, and circumstances become different. An outside invader attacking a nation is a whole different ballgame. It is an assault on the very nation, whereas an inside invader is not assaulting that peoples right to be, they are fighting against an evil in order to put a greater good up. How can one feign to be so naive as not to know that then gallishly get upset because of that? It is absurd, I tell you!

Let me give you a perfect example of the hypocrisy and psychotic sickness of a mind that feigns to not understand that. In America the Civil War was fought. That war was white on white violence. The Confederates versus the Unionist. The Unionist prevailed. However, today in America you have that enemy nation's flag flown on government buildings whereas America fought Germany, Spain, Japan, and they would never allow those flags to be flown on government buildings. The sole reason they allow the CONFEDERATE enemy flag to be flown is because the battle was against their own white brother and in their case, kind sticks by kind no matter what. In this case, it shows utter hypocrisy of whites who profess repentance for the enslavement, but on the other hand, amidst that hypocrisy it shows whites ever adhering to their own above all others.

See then that wars fought within a nation versus an attack by an outside foreign power must needs be different in the way they are perceived and handled. How foolish to compare the two matters. Ghastly as the lost of life is when it's civil war, it's just human nature to be appalled when an outside force comes in an attacks a nation, for that outside force is attacking the people and what they are all about.

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