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Would'nt the UNC like this to happen here!

Ananova :

Police accuse governing politicians of commanding riots

Indian police have named leaders of the governing party of Gujarat as commanders of mobs that burned more than 100 Muslims to death.

Detectives have also accused an affiliated Hindu nationalist group of spearheading the riots.

Police say the claim is the first step in their criminal investigation into the Gujarat riots.

"The carnage at Naroda Patia was the handiwork of a mob of 6,000, which was led by Babu Bajrangji, Kishan Kosani, TJ Rajput, Harish Rohit and Raju Goyal," says one police report.

"These people, possessing deadly weapons, led the mob of about 6,000, all belonging to the Hindu community," said Bala's report. It details how the mob set fire to 24 homes, killing 65 Muslims who were inside.

Jaideep Patel, the Gujarat state joint secretary of the World Hindu Council, confirmed all five men were local leaders of the Hindu nationalist organization, known as the VHP or Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The group is closely linked to the Bharatiya Janata Party that governs India and Gujarat state.

"They all do belong to the VHP. But police have falsely implicated my men in this case," said Mr Patel. "Without doing any investigation, the FIR was lodged by the assistant sub-inspector in link with some anti-Hindu forces."

The World Hindu Council is leading a campaign to build a Hindu temple on the site of a Muslim mosque destroyed by Hindus in 1992.

The group has gathered thousands of activists around the northern Indian city of Ayodhya to hold prayers and religious ceremonies, after constructing pillars and statues of idols for the temple.

The Gujarat violence began on February 27 when some of those activists returning home were among 58 Hindus burned to death in the small town of Godhra, where a Muslim crowd set a train carriage on fire.

Just imagine they can't live in peace with each other in their real homeland but they want to live in peace under a child molester and crook lier etc Panday!

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Would'nt the UNC like this to happen here!
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if India is sooo great why don't u go live there?
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