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In Response To: THE REAL EVE ()

Hello Amon you asked a series of questions that I'd like to respond to.

YOU STATED:"However, given the quantity of hate mail we have received over the years for continually highlighting this fact while pointing to more and more evidence for those who were unaware, how does this fact affect the way people relate to each other?"

MY REPLY:It is typical that the people of truth would get 'hate mail' from the beings of hate. You all should wear that as a badge of honor. All warriors of truth are so despised by the beings of hate who slither on the planet terrorizing humanity that is not like them. Their 'hate' becomes a testament that truth is the weapon that will and does sting and destroy them. Hey, good job, thanks for this magnificent site of truth, it is, does, and will energize and set the captive free.

As for how the truth of all descending from the African woman Eve affect the way people relate to each other, well first let me say this, we might be biologically connected, however, what destroys that connectedness is the evil men unleash. It gets in the soul and corrupts its very core so turning those who embrace it into demonic beings. None the less, the truth of our united connectedness to the African woman Eve is a powerful, dynamite truth that struck a crippling blow against the demonic spirit of white racism that opposes it. That's the overall affect of what the truth of the BLACK EVE wrought.

As for 'righteous' Black humanities response, such definitive enlightment must needs cause exhiliration, liberation and victory to the soul of all who embrace this truth. Now on the other hand, the racist enemy whose soul is corrupt and steeped in lies and deceit, the truth unleashed concerning the BLACK GODDESS MOTHER EVE'S reality stings, and infuriates those beings. See then that wicked, evil, ideology is that which disconnects the different peoples of the world. We are two forces at war. It is righteous truth loving humanity versus the liar, deceiver, demonic racist beings. These same will gather their forces to fight against this truth with more lies and deceits. See this evil that the diabolical white racist have erected is something that they intend on holding on to though it will be the death and destruction of them. In other words, their hateful nature is set for destruction so they will not concede though truth stares them in the face. Indeed, the truth is as much set against the evil that abides in the diabolical racists of the world as they are against truth and all it represents. As such is the case, see then that the real impact of the truth concerning our common GODDESS/MOTHER, THE BLACK/AFRICAN EVE is that this very truth is a force, a might unto itself that has arisen to destroy them.

As the saying goes, 'truth crushed to the ground will rise again' ergo, the force of truth is behind the revelation of the REAL EVE and in fact, is the force that works itself out through men and women courageous enough to speak it, in spite of evil's reign. The hour of victory is upon us and the revelation of the REAL AFRICAN EVE is proof that TRUTH has been unleashed to REIGN AND TRIUMPH ONCE MORE!

YOU STATED:"What does this mean in relation to the present Palestinian/Israeli crisis?"

MY REPLY:It means that the end of the white reign is at hand. The present Palestinian/Israeli crisis is just another white man's war if you ask me. That is, the bottom line with this conflict is that it is the very sign that the Caucasoid and fair-skin so-called Arabs rule will end with much destruction, but it will end. That is all it can matter to Black humanity for our battle is quite different from the Palestinian/Israeli issue. See Black humanity is held down by the lies and deceits all these factions have lifted up. As they war and destroy themselves they are also destroying their godless reign so this is good news for Black humanity who have been held captive by their mad ideology. Bottom line, let these imposter fake jews and arabs destroy themselves, prophesy proclaims that it must needs be.

As for Black Jews and Arabs, you'd think they'd learn a lesson from this madness of the Caucasoids but I don't think that will be the case. The fact is, many a black skinned is steeped in the anti-women, mad ideology of Islam and that ideology calls for them to be like a lunatic and 'kill' everyone who will not embrace their madness. They are driven caricatures who will themselves have to be destroyed in order for the Black reign of prominence to return. Not only they, but other black factions that adhere to the demonic patriarchy that wrought all of this madness in the first place. None the less, the matriarchy of which truth is comprised of, will continue to raise it's head and crush and prevail against all foes.

YOU STATED:"What impact could this understanding have on ethnic conflicts and racism?"

MY REPLY:As more or less said, this truth is a giant, successful, strike against the demonic lie of white supremacy. It has struck them and as a result their hierarchies are in the death grips of truth and panicking to no end. Do not expect them to concede though truth has struck and wounded them. Instead we must rejoice and wear the truth like a badge of honor for it shall not be extinguished again. The psychological impact this has on Black humanity is tremendous. It heals the brokenhearted. It removes shame and defeat and replaces it with liberty and victory. White beings who consciously and unconsciously walks in the demonic spirit of white supremacy are struck with terror at this revelation. Those among that batch that will be righteous are humbled by the breakthrough of truth.

However, the bulk of them are incensed and will not conform their mindset, spirit or nature to this truth, rather, they will adhere to their diabolical hierarchies resistant to TRUTH THAT HAS RISEN TO CRUSH THEIR MADNESS.

YOU STATED:"What would you do if you have rejected persons because they were showing this human interconnectedness or persons whose shade of skin was not to your liking?"

MY REPLY:Intelligent, righteous Black humanity has never rejected anyone because their skin was not to our liking. Even though we have been taught of the poor mutated albino whites we have never held their mutation against them. It is their demonic ideology that we come against. Believe me, most whites like the 'privileged' existence that the demonic lie of white supremacy wrought for them. They are afraid of the vengeance that must needs come so they will cling to the lying mentality they were bred in though it be the death and damnation of them and so be it unto them according to their own pompous madness.

YOU STATED:"Would you take the time to ensure that more people understand our connectedness and reasons for our differences as the primary means for resolving conflict?"

MY REPLY:Well, as my disposition shows the people of truth have always done this. We do this via presenting the truth in all its truthfulness for truth is a LIVE ACTIVE DIVINE FORCE that sets the captives free. So in that respect, yes righteous Black humanity will continue to seek to show people their connectedness. However, who will believe our report is not for us to know, we are assigned by the Divine Truth to speak it, shout it, teach it, proclaim it, and let whosoever will be healed therein. Those appointed to righteousness will receive it, the others won't. None the less, TRUTH CRUSHED TO THE GROUND HAS RISEN AND THE HOUR OF OUR DELIVERANCE IS HERE TO STAY! THEREFORE, LET US REJOICE AND BE EXCEEDINGLY GLAD!!!

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