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Support for French Facists: Blessing in Disguise


There should be no surprise by anyone who knows the history of France, that France or a portion of the French population will have a putrid racist bone and that every time France and its people try to apply that racist mentality against Blacks, they the French are usually soundly defeated.

Fact one: The first people in France were prehistoric Africans. They lived in parts of Southern France, created many paintings and cave art throughout the region. It was in France that the Negroid featured "Cromagnon," people existed many thousands of years after the Grimaldi Negroids (watch the program about "Eve."), expanded to Europe. It was also in France that the first "Mongoloid" mixed-race type is said to have originated about fifteen thousand years ago. The name for that type of human is "Compe Combelle Man."

Caucasians as a race did not appear in existance in France and other parts of Europe untill about twenty to thirty thousand years after the first Africans arrived in France and the rest of Europe from Africa. The change from dark-skinned Negroid Africans to fair-skinned "Caucasian" was a process that came about due to the Ice-Age conditions in France and the living in caves of the early Africans. Hence, if there was no Ice Age in the north, the people would have remained Negroid/Black. Furthermore, in Tasmania, where the temperature is sometimes similar to Vladivostok and quite cold, some of the darkest Africoid peoples existed and still exist. These are Australian Aborigines and Tasmanians.


The African experience with France is one of pure racism, colonialism and brutality. Yet, some of the worse defeats suffered by the French has been at the hands of Africans. It was French brutality during slavery in Haiti that led to the Haitian Revolution. The French with their multiple personalities, applied "code noir" in Haiti against African slaves and introduced some of the most brutal laws and treatment of Africans on earth. Yet, the same French slavemasters wanted to breed a "mulatto" or mixed race by ravaging and forcing the Africans into relations with the poor white surfs sent to Haiti and with some of the slavemasters who had their own harems in parts of Haiti.

Black soldiers and guerillas in Haiti, including the ordinary Black men and Black women slaves meted out a brutal war against the French (see the book, "Night of Fire,") and the upcoming (A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming). Napoleon's brother Le Clerc was defeated and during that war about 250,000 French troops, planters and their families and slaves perished.

During the wars in West Africa to eliminate French colonialism, the French sent their armies against Samore Toure (nicknamed "The Napoleon of the Sudan,"). He defeated the French in many battles before he was defeated. The Mossi States of West Africa had some of the most enlightened leaders in Africa. They saw the great scheme of trickery and genocide that occurrs as soon as the Europeans began entering their territory. They saw the trickery and lies used by missionaries. They rejected the idea of any integration, sexual relations or collaboration with the French or any of the other colonial powers.

Unlike some of us Blacks today, who are fooled and brainwashed by the genocidal trick of 'integration" and mixing out of existence with the worse of the majority, the Africans of West Africa during the colonial period, Blacks of the Caribbean and even Black traditionalists in New Caledonia and the South Pacific have rejected and refused the trickery of the French, who will willfully pretend to accept Blacks as equal by defiling Black women and having "mullato" offspring who they train to hate the Black mother and Black people, while at the same time supporting facism, nazism and racism.


The French practically control the economy of West Africa. They are in the Caribbean and the South Pacific, especially New Caledonia, where their racism is rabid. If 25 percent of French middle class "enlightened" people will support modern Facism, that prods many to consider the French to have a significant racist element who simply tolerate the victims of Freench colonialism who clean the toilets and streets, work in the markets and live in the slums of France, and who come From African, Caribbean, South Pacific and North African lands that were former colonies of France.


The rise of facism in France has not gone on without an equal and opposite reaction in Africa, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. In parts of West Africa, French control of the resources of these nation is quite expansive. They control everything from the importation of french bread to taking water from West Africa, sending it to France and reselling it as bottled water. The textile, iron, gold, and many industries of African origins and from African soil is controlled by Foreigners from France and the Middle East. These are the immigrants in Africa who come from France and who controle the economy of African nations, while Africans are starving.

Africans in Europe have made it clear already that any expulsion of Africans or any harrassment of Africans in France or any part of Europe will be met with retaliation. The question is who has the most to loose?? Obviously, Africans will have full controle of their nations economies when French racism and brutal treatment or expulsion of Africans from France brings about the expulsion of the hundreds of thousands of French who live in West Africa and who dominate the economies there.

On the other hand, African nations will gain from all the technically skilled Africans who will return to Africa to help rebuild their nations. These nations were economically ravaged by French colonialism in the first Place. Hence, the damage done by the French colonialists can be repaired.

French colonialism in Martinique, guadeloups and French Guyana is also of concern to the Blacks living in these lands who want their independence. With the facists in power, France will be tempted to expell these Afro-French citizens who come from these "departments" or colonial outposts of France but whose original homelands are under French colonial domination.

Again, Blacks in Martinique, French Guyana, Guadeloupe want the French out of their lands and the idea of Black Nationalism and Negritude in these nations is rising with a potency even more devastating to French neo-colonial interests than the devastation that would come if the French expell African/Blacks who have been living in France sice the Moorish period.

The French racists and neo-facists cannot have their cake and eat it too. If the French don't want Blacks in their nations, then they need to start packing up from West Africa, the South Pacific, "French" West Indies and elsewhere.
If the French racists and facists want to make Blacks in France scapegoats, then the idea of Negritude and Black nationalism in the French Caribbean and the South Pacific must continue to explode as it is already.


After the racists have gotten their agenda and Africans and other victims of French colonialism, slavery and racial mixing by force and trickery have returned to their native lands, THE IDEA OF BANTUIZATION OR AFRICANIZATION (OR MELANIZATION IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC) SHOULD BEGIN.
The French language should be banned from all African nations.
The French religion (the one introduced to Africa/Black nations by the French and others) should be banned, and traditional religions should retuern (the Haitian response to French racism, brutality and slavery was the development of Vadu, which contributed to the spritual power and confidence needed to defeat the French slavemasters and colonialists).

All aspects of French culture should be banned from all African/Black nations. As Africans, we have our own cultures, religions, languages, customs and world view. We don't need to adopt the customs and language of any group of people who dispise us, whether they are French, British, Semite or others. We should work to improve African culture and change those that are not going to help make progress today.

Eliminate all French names: All French names should be eliminated. Why carry the names of people who scapegoat Blacks in France or have a racist mentality. Why carry their names, their ligions or their culture. As Africans who invented culture, it is our duty to find our own.


There is only one Africa, Afrophone Black Africa.
The idea that Africa is for any colonialist who invaded, ravaged, enslaved and settled on African lands is totally absurd. If one is Negro, Black and is of African ancestry, lineage, blood origins and race, one is African. The violater of African women in North Africa, cannot be allowed to declare the offspring as belonging to his 'race" or group, because African tradition makes it clear; we trade our lineage by our mother's side in some African cultures and by our father's side in others, or by both in many. In the case of Sudan, where African women are being violated by occupiers of African lands, that violation is a crime and the invader's blood is not African. He having violated an African women also as no right to claim any rights as far as African traditions are concerned. Hence, as far as Black people are concerned (especially 300 million Blacks in the Americas who are victims of the ravaging of our ancestors), Africans in Sudan or elsewhere with the blood of the invader is African and no separate group, "mixed," "colored," or "multiracial" group whose father or legacy is one of the rape of African women should be recognized. The relationship was forced and therefore is not recognizable. In the U.S., Latin America, the U.s., the Caribbean, Europe, Melanesia, India and Australila, Blacks who are mixed should reject the idea of "multiracialism" as a positive, when its aim (especially in Middle Eastern, Latin and Asian nations is to destroy Africans and steal their culture. (Read more about ancient Black civilizations, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth," pub. by 1stBooks Library, 2595 Vernal Pike, Bloomington, Indiana 47404 U.S.A. email;

Finally, the tide of racism in France and Europe against Blacks is nothing new. It is part of the feeling of superiority gone bust, because the "superior" finds out their original roots and it destroys their feeling of superiority. Yet, as long as we Blacks around the world contine to follow the culture, religions, languages, customs and beliefs of the Europeans, Arabs, Latin Americans and others and reject our own, they will always feel superior to us. As long as all our learned men and women, experts, doctors scientists and educators continue to help these nations develop while our own nations and communities continue to deterioriate, they will continue to turn their noses at us. As long as we continue to have pictures of people who resemble Europeans and worship these as "God" while believing that we depend on them and not on our own will and the power within us, they will always look down on us.
Its time to reject those who reject us.

There should be no acceptance of any descendants of invaders of Africa as "Africans." The term "African" should be restricted to Black people, just as "European," and "Chinese" is restricted to certain people. Do the French recognize the Africans/Blacks who have been living in France since prehistoric times as "European?" Absolutely not. Otherwise, they would not support facists and those who think solving France's or Europe's problems is expelling (as the Caucasians have done sine they invaded from Central Asia), the Black Negroid peoples who have been in Europe since prehistoric times.


Europe is going through one of its usual "multiple personality," periods again. Since Roman times, Europe has seen various peoples settled in the region. in fact, the first people in Europe were Negroid Africans, who lived in the entire region. About 3500 B.C., people called Kurgans invaded from Central Asia. Blacks were driven Southward or racially absorbed (one of the tricks used today to eliminate Black Americans, by encouraging racial intermarriage and mixing). The Kurgans also used warfare to gain their aims (see the book, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth," pub. by iUniverse Inc., ). Blacks also dominated parts of Europe long before the "Indo-Europeans" entered from Central Asia about 1700 B.c. During the Middle Ages from about 711 A.D. to 1492 A.D., Blacks occupied Southern Europe and Spain and contributed to the development of Spain and the rest of Europe. From the slavery period to today (1400's to 2002 Blacks from Africa and Northern Africa have existed in Europe).
These are the facts. Since the last expulsion of African Moors from Spain (of which millions spread throughout Europe, including Southern France) and millions more were enslaved, Blacks/Africans have lived in France and have contributed to the development of Europe.


The support of facism by 25 percent of the French population and by a significant proportion of the European population has to be met with an equally and more nationalistic reaction by Blacks. After all, who has suffered from European racism, colonialism and brutality more than Blacks including those who live in Europe. Which nation enslaved Africans for four hundred years and ravaged African resources? Which linguistic group ravaged Congo and cut the hands of Africans who could not work fast enough?

Africans have survived racism from the policy of Semites in North Africa and Sudan who are committing genocide. Africoid people in Indonesia and West Papua are suffering from the same racism and sanctified racism that brought about the racism used by Christians and Christian nations to use as an excuse to enslave and dehumanize Blacks.
Mythology and lies have been in the forefront of many of the racist policies being used by the Semites and Europeans along with others. In order to destroy this mentality and the effects of these mentalities, Blacks in Europe, the Americas, North Africa, Indonesia, Africa, the Caribbean and India/Asia must unite and return to the the ideas of Pan-Negroism (Pan-Africanism/Black Nationalism).

The objective of eliminating colonialism from Black lands is far from finished. That colonialism also includes religious colonialism and sanctified racism practiced by Blacks in parts of the Middle East and S.E. Asia.
The most effective response to facism and racism, religious racism and neo-colonialism is Black nationalism, development of Black economies around the world, rejection and elimination of the cultures and habits, religions and customs of racists from Europe and the Middle East, India and East Asia. The rejection of all their racist religious teachings and the return to the acceptance of Black as equal and capable as all other humans.

Let the French have France. But French in African nations and the Caribbean and the Black South Pacific must be prepared to return to France and Let Blacks in Black lands with French invaders and exploiters return to France. If there is going to be a reorganization of this planet, let all the colonialists return to their original homelands. Finally, its time for Black nations to return to Black nationalism, Negritude and building self-confidence by putting Black/African culture,religions, language and customs at the top and rejecting the culture of the racists.

Pianke Nubianu

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