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Re: Jews called Mugabe Racist
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1. An American talk-show circuit filled with people WHO SPREAD THE MOST RACIST VENOM AGAINST BLACKS AND whose parents and grandparents suffered from the atrocities of Nazi propaganda in WWII GERMANY, YET, THEY USE THE SAME RACIST, ODIOUS TECHNIQUES TO DEMONIZE THE CHARACTER OF BLACKS.
All one has to do is listen to conservo-facist talk shows some made up of former liberals, who have switched to the facist side thinking they will be safe there or on the winning side.

2. A Hollywood movie and U.S. media network that conspires to demonize the character of Blacks in the U.S. and around the world. The racist Nazi-inspired propaganda spread against Blacks in the U.S. over the past few years by the talk-show spreaders of racism has done more to push for the building of concentration camps, "three strikes" laws, manditory minimums, racial attacks on Blacks, more hatred and all types of evil against Blacks in the U.S. Why is that?? Well, one of the objectives of the "never again," shout is to turn Blacks into scapegoats so that those who are actually bringing woe to the earth will go away withiout blame. Still, any fool can see that Blacks have no power to start World War III in the Middle East, to control the economy, to stop the flow of oil, to control the banking system of the U.S. or to provoke a recssion of the U.S. economy.
Still, as long as those who control the media can push Blacks as the scapegoats, the gullible majority population in the U.S. will let them get away with it and continue to persecute Blacks for no reason other than mythology, hatred and sheer lack of thinking.

3. A group of people of Turkish origins who are discriminating against Black Jews from Ethiopia who are more Jewish than many of these converted Khazaks from Turkey.

4. A set of religious texts that continue to classify Blacks as "cursed," for being in the presence of a drunken Noah...WHICH MANY BELIEVE IS A FAIRYTALE....SINCE THERE IS NO PROOF.
The books written by Jewish writers since their exile in Babylon have included racist attacks against Blacks, especially Egyptian Blacks and Blacks in general.
The use of religion to spread racism was also used by the barbarians who invaded India. They turned all the Black Indian Rakshasa Kings to "Demons," and all the invaders of India into 'Gods," in a systematic effort to demonize their works and contributions. Similarly today, whenever the names of certain Black leaders are spoken, the demonization process has created an atmosphere in some circles where it pains some to hear their names spoken out. The biggest perpetrators of the demonization of the character of Blacks all over the world are the talk-show racists whose "forked tongue," antics have been able to influence many. Now when the real names of these people are checked, they are not only blue-blooded Anglo Saxons. (The use of propaganda to demonize the Black world population is discussed in "Susu and Susunomics," pub. by
see a preview also at

5. All the religions that came from the Jewish scriptures claim that Noah cursed Ham, ONE OF THE MOST PUTRIED LIES EVER WRITTEN. Noah cursed Canaan," but it was Canaan, Cush and Mizraim who established civilization in the Mediterranean region. The Black Canaanites were the first to settle Palestine, Isreal, Jordan, Syria, long before the birth of Abraham.

6. Today nations like South Africa recently used their bibles to justify oppression of Blacks, based on that racist lie called the "curse of Ham." The original Black inhabitants of the Americas, Africa, India, SE Asia, Australia, Philipines and even the Moors of Europe were reduced to slavery because the Bible, which comes from Jewish religious writings included these racist texts that say that Blacks were cursed and to work in the tents of Shem and Japhet.
Many offshoots of Christianity as well as other religions that originated from Judiasm continue to use these racist writings to justify their brutality and racist attacks on Blacks.

7. The use of sanctified racism is common in Sudan, where people who also use ancient Jewish writings also believe in the great lie called "the curse of Ham." Hence, the extermination and elimination of Africans in Sudan and the hundreds massacred in Liba some months ago are of no consequence to those who perpetrated it, because they don't see Blacks as equal to them. Why, because long ago, a writer decided that Canaan was to be a slave to Ham and Shem. The same racist belief is held by those in Indonesia who follow a religion that has in its text that idea. Who wrote these texts in the first place. They are the racists.


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Re: Jews called Mugabe Racist

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