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Re: Mauritania's three main ethnic groups


It is very apparent that colonialism and racism is not over in Africa or in Indonesia, West Papua, SE Asia and Australia. Many Africans see those who migrated and invaded parts of North Africa over the centuries, looking for Black slaves, ravaging, destroying and converting to be in the same category as the European colonizers and in some instances worse. After all, the British had their warships on the Red Sea to stop these same Semites from continuing the enslavement of Africans. How many of the Semitic nations who are occupying and colonizing what were and still are Black African territory have done anything to stop the endlavement of Blacks in Africa?? Not a single one.

Hence, it is the duty of Africans in Africa as well as Africans in the diaspora to work together to stop and finally rid Africa of these colonizers and return all African lands to African rule. Instead of Africans allowing themselves to be devided over the religions of these occupiers and enslavers of Blacks, whose beliefs include the practice of sanctified racism and enslavement of Blacks ( eg, the curse of Ham lie found in their sacred books, or the demonization of the Black Rakshasa Kings of Black pre-Aryan India ), the time has come for a change in mentality.

One of the greatest exercises of hypocracy has been the use of belief to implement a racist, colonial policy in Africa. Nigerians and West Africans from Ghana, Guinea, Mali should know it very well, because while the Semites are talking about "brotherhood," with Black Africans, in places like Libya, they were rioting and lynching Blacks in the streets, while in Sudan, the mixed offspring of Arab invader and African captive woman are engaged in a war of genocide against the direct descendants of the Nubians and pre--invasion Khemites, who are now tribes like the Dinka, Nuba, Nuer, Anuak, Nagas, Masai and other Black Africans known as "Nilotes." Many of these Africans are also of the same religion as the invaders, yet, they are still violated and enslaved. Why because the invaders agenda is a racist agenda aimed at occupying African lands.
See the article, "The 1,400 Year War Against the Arab Invasion of Sudan."

Chancellor Williams the great African-American author of "The Destruction of Black Civilization," put it in the most profound terms, when he presented a long historical line of the destruction and genocide committed against Africans by the Semites and how they were able to occupy Northern Africa and Egypt, Sudan and elsewhere. At the same time, they were doing all they can to spread their religions and cultre on African Soil, occupying African lands and destroying the Sacred monuments, temples and sites of our ancestors in a conspiracy to wipe out our contributions and begin the world when they emerged on the scene.

As Pan-Africans (Pan-Negro since Blacks in India, Melanesia, West Papua and Australia are also victims of anti-Black racism and the theft of their lands), we must do what it takes to unite and build a Black world movement. This is already occurring, but today, half of the Black race living in Asia who are among the first people to suffer from color racism (Black Dalits/Untouchables of the Kushitic-Speaking Africoid people) are also part of that movement. So are Melanesians, West Papuans and Australian Aboriginals. The relization that the invaders and conquers implement the color and caste code as the first tool of devide and conquer among the related Negroid peoples on the planet has not gone by unnoticed. Hence, although in some parts of the world, particularly the Americas where the dominant media can fool some in believing they are not Black or Africoid, making them vulnerable to being on their own, in India, West Papua, Melanesia and Australia, as well as SE Asia, where racism and discrimination against Blacks is being carried out with genocidal objectives (such as Indonesia's "Asianization Program,") Blacks in these lands are not about letting themselves be fooled. They see themselves as Negroid people of African origins who are being oppressed based on their Africanness. Thus, the logical thing to do is to unite with other Africans around the world, unite political, economic, cultural and military assets and fight the oppressive class till freedom and independence is won.


There are many who sometimes say, if we were born during the slavery period, we would not have tolerated it. Well, that is very true because hundreds of slave rebellions occurred all over the Americas during the slavery period. In fact the world's greatest slave rebellion occurred in Bagdad where the Zanj (Africans) metted out destruction on their opressors for many years, according to Runoko Rashidi ( ).

Today, we have a serious problem, that problem is standing aside and doing nothing due to being mentally conquered by these colonizers, who began occupying African lands since about the 600's A.D.
The mental conquest of some Blacks in Africa has to do with the blind follow of the invaders religion and the refusal to recognize the invaders trickery and his genocidal agenda. In India, that trick was used to keep the Black Dalits at the bottom for three thousand years. They refused the invaders religions but the Shudra who are the lowest caste in the infiltrators' religion were relegated to the level of street sweeper and transpoter of dead animals, diggers of ditches and tillers of the soil. A great people, the Black Dalits of India who invented a great scientific and technological civilization as early as 4000 B.c. are today at the bottom and has been so from the time the infiltrators invaded India about 1700 B.c. (which is about the time the Hyksos invaded Egypt and tried to influence the Egyptian religion as the invaders of india influenced the ancient religions of India's Blacks and introduced the four tiered caste "varna" or color consciousness system.


Africa has entered a stage of unity, but Black African unity is needed. In fact there should be none of the Berlin boundaries left in Africa, especially in Black African nations. It is ironic that while the Europeans are uniting to strengthen themselves, they are still in the dividing process, with the "Anglophone," "Francophone," and nations like Sudan and Somalia, under "Arabphone" occupation and cultural influence.

As one African leader made it clear, its time for A Bantuphone Africa. Yet, in order for that to happen, Black Africans will have to eliminate the exploitation of Africans, slavery, poverty and religious imprialism from the continent. Tribalism should also be eliminated, along with any residue of European racism. Blacks living in the occupied part of North Africa should organize to regain their lands. Blacks in Northern Africa have the same rights to their lands as the people who were forced out of Isreal by the Romans during the Christian Era, who returned to that land and are still returning.

Finally, both Mauritania and Sudan are cores of Black civilization. According to Blisshords Communication, "The History of the African Standard," Mauritania was part of the prehistoric Black Zingh Empire as early as 15,000 B.c. and the red, Black and Green flag was invented by one of that Kingdom's leaders. Sudan was the ancient Ta-Seti, where as recently as 1999 to 2000, archeologists found evidence of a great Black civilization there. Hundreds of remains of cities and monuments still exist all over Sudan (Nubia-Kush) to this day and are awaiting exploration.

There is no way any African should sit back and allow the attempt to commit genocide to continue in Mauritania and Sudan, or any where in Africa or the Black world. THE NEXT TIME THERE IS A PAN-NEGRO OR PAN-AFRICAN CONFERENCE, LET AFRICOIDS ALL OVER THE WORLD BE REPRESENTED, FROM BRAZIL TO AUSTRALIA...We will learn that the same agenda to eliminate Blacks is being carried out on a worldwide scale. It is about time we fought back and retake what is our birthright and our lands and occupied territories.

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