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Recently, I broke away from the chemical plantation, releasing the thirty-year shackles that enslaved my pocketbook and consciousness---the previous thirteen years, my mother fried my hair with Dixie Peach hair grease and a straightening comb.

Many African Americans' perceptions of style and beauty manifest into self-hatred behavior against our natural state by slapping chemicals onto our hair. My natural hair was perceived as too thick, too curly, too bushy, time consuming, maintenance intensive and restricted my hair style choices. Such perceptions disguised true beauty with materialistic values. On the contrary, natural hair personifies natural beauty.

This liberating epiphany has resulted in freedom from all day sojourns to the beauty parlor and most importantly reduced health risks from chemical exposure. more >>

Dialogue on Spirit...

I begin writing this dialogue in doubt, what are my credentials? Am I an expert in spiritual growth? I can only speak about my journey, unique to my experience. I am reminded that when in obedience with one's spiritual destiny that knowledge will become awakened within one's Spirit. I feel like my soul is being fine-tuned for my tremendous journey through life experiences. Experiences of this present life, but more importantly those of my ancestors will use my physical form as a conduit. Grandmother Rosie, Big Moma, Buerena and all the other souls who have merged with this soul, sharing pearls of wisdom to all those who listen. The Bible tells us that some are self-appointed but few are chosen. I have been chosen to contribute my energy to uplift humankind; it is my duty. Running from my destiny, does not diminish the task, it places my life in more spiritual turmoil and physical headaches. more >>

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A Novel by Zora Neale Hurston, Mary Helen Washington, Henry Louis, Jr. Gates
A Novel by Zora Neale Hurston, Mary Helen Washington

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