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June 15, 2001  
Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.

I begin writing this dialogue in doubt, what are my credentials? Am I an expert in spiritual growth? I can only speak about my journey, unique to my experience. I am reminded that when in obedience with one's spiritual destiny that knowledge will become awakened within one's Spirit. I feel like my soul is being fine-tuned for my tremendous journey through life experiences. Experiences of this present life, but more importantly those of my ancestors will use my physical form as a conduit. Grandmother Rosie, Big Moma, Buerena and all the other souls who have merged with this soul, sharing pearls of wisdom to all those who listen. The Bible tells us that some are self-appointed but few are chosen. I have been chosen to contribute my energy to uplift humankind; it is my duty. Running from my destiny, does not diminish the task, it places my life in more spiritual turmoil and physical headaches.

I had to step outside myself to learn to see within myself; to examine my physical body, finite matter in form, held together by an infinite force of the universe. My physical body is the host to Spirit, the gift of life. Each day I struggle with connecting to THAT which is the source of all Understanding. Some days running from the inner voice who whispers directions into my heart. These guidelines if followed would lead me to eternal bliss. Yet intruders called thoughts psyche out my soul. Logical expressions from the gray matter called "brain" that persuades and dictates my body's behavior. I miss out on monumental spiritual gifts in exchange for a short-lived sense gratification destined to fade away in seconds. These anti-spiritual acts leave me longing and wanting for more.

Encoded within my DNA is ancestral memory that lies dormant, waiting for the proper vibrations. I sensed vibrations to mean experience. By massaging my Ancestral memory through experience, it manifests power into my consciousness. What was once foreign becomes familiar. I euphemized this phenomenon as "knack" for learning. In actuality is the awakening of ancestral memory. I believe that stealing my spiritual traditions have stunted my intellectual growth, causing major channel disruptions. Robbing any people of their spiritual experiences castrates the connection between the hidden self for many generations...until that soul reunites with the familiar. Spirituality and intelligence are interrelated and interdependent for maximization of inner Power. Encoded within the male and female energies are leadership and responsible. This can be appreciated by balancing the forces as an excess of one can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts and suffering.

I think the key for me is to connect to the source of Light that ignites the Cosmos. I must reconnect to the Light--the vital energy of the cosmos. In the beginning The Creator said "Let their be light and there was light. Light in the physical sense but also light in the spiritual sense. Light also means awareness. Therefore, if we interpret the Bible using awareness as the definition of light, in the beginning there must have been a spiritual awareness to understand the awesome Power of the Creator. There will be various cycles of creations, with everything having its own time. We have power to combat internal matter-clutter. We can accomplish this by staying close to THAT which is, maintaining right association and working on the guidelines for ONESELF.


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